New York Rangers Themed Cronut Available For One Day Only

rangers cronut

In honor of the Stanley Cup Finals, Dominique Ansel will debut a limited edition New York Rangers themed Cronut. The special Cronut will be topped with a red, white, and blue glaze and will be available Monday, June 9.

If a rare Cronut isn’t enticing enough to get you into that infamous line Ansel is sweetening the deal by having former New York Rangers Adam Graves, Glenn Anderson, and Ron Duguay at the bakery signing autographs and chatting with fans. If that doesn’t get some die hard Rangers fans out there I don’t know what will. The Cronuts will be available at 7:30AM so get there early since Ansel is only offering these Cronuts for one day only.

PS. If we’re doing themed pastries to pay homage to our home teams why don’t we have an LA Kings themed sweet?

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This Bacon-Weave Stanley Cup Tells Haters to Puck Off


I was never good at hockey, I was that kid always skinning my knees on the ice and tripping on my own stick. The only goal I ever made was when the puck accidentally deflected off my own skate and into the net. I was awful and today, I live vicariously through the Maple Leafs, which, for those of you who saw that OT in Game 7, can be heartbreaking at times.

Although, I’m sure I would have been much better if I had this bacon-weave Stanley Cup as a motivation. This 100% carnivorous creation was birthed by the boys over at ManBQue and featured next to the real deal on ABC. I gotta say, even though this is happening on Blackhawks territory, you can’t really be mad at a trophy made of bacon and ground beef that you can potentially drink beer out of. If anything, Coach Q seems to approve.

stanley cup-coach q

H/T + PicThx ManBque, Nerdalicious