Video: Comedian David Cross Explains “Yeah Bitch” Game

Leave it to comedian David Cross to create a game called “Yeah Bitch” that is seemingly great fun for guys (and gals!) to play next time you’re at a restaurant! I won’t take any allure from the above video, I’ll let David do the explaining. Yeah bitch, can I get a caesar salad?


Video: Matt Knudsen on All-You-Can-Eat Buffets

Ever wonder what it would be like to order the same things you eat at a buffet…but off the menu? Thanks to comedian Matt Knudsen, we now know what that is like. Hilarious. Eat on!


Video: Aziz Ansari on Coldstone

Aziz Ansari’s standup game is definitely on point. Here’s a dope little bit he did about Cold Stone Creamery. My favorite part is definitely where he talks about asking for a simple vanilla scoop, only to be told “he’s a bitch”. I won’t spoil anymore, enjoy the clip!