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Anonymous Stalker Keeps Harassing Man With Free Pizza Deliveries


You’d think having a secret admirer send you pizza would be a good thing, but apparently things got a little excessive for this man in Germany.

Over 100 pizzas, along with sushi, sausages, and Greek food, have been anonymously sent to Guido Grolle, according to the Associated Press.

The man does not appreciate the love, however, and has involved local authorities, who still can’t find the stalker. It has gotten so bad that Grolle can’t get work done as the deliveries show up at the wee hours of the morning.

This dude can’t even take his morning dump without the doorbell ringing and some dude holding a pizza.

While this sounds like a tailor-made Valentine’s Day story about secret love, this poor dude is trying to keep his life in order.

Until they find the creepy admirer, at least Grolle will have some free food to munch on for days.

h/t newsday