Sailor Moon Brooch Cookies Have Stained Glass Gems


Unfortunately these cookies won’t transform you into a Sailor Scout (aw WHAT?!)  but they will satisfy your nostalgic sweet tooth. Crafted by a pretty creative tumblr user, these stained glass cookies are simple to make, provided you have some patience and a love for the Moon Princess.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.10.31 PM

Using a printed image as a template to recreate these cookies is as easy as tracing a picture… just with a knife (so be careful, kids!) After all that’s said and done, grab favorite red-tinted hard candies, crush ’em up and fill in the gaps. Personally I’m a fan of jolly ranchers but to each their own. You’ll have Sailor Moon Brooch Cookies faster than you can say “Moon tiara magic!”

If you want to really nail these cookies try adding some yellow food color to your sugar cookie dough to get that golden hue of Serena’s transformation brooch.

PicThx Tumblr