This Artist Creates Tiny IHOP Dishes And The Detail Is Astonishing

YouTuber AkameruKawaii is a pro when it comes to working with polymer clay. With it, she creates tons of miniatureized versions of everyday objects that looking pretty close to the original.

Sadly, she doesn’t have an IHOP in her country. So in a whimsical tutorial, the talented artist creates what she would order had she the luxury of an IHOP in her area.

With careful precision, AkameruKawaii creates popular menu items from the chain like a cup of coffee, a breakfast plate (eggs, sausage, bacon and toast) and even a stack of pancakes.

These actually look so close to the original, you’ll want to pop them in your mouths. Not that you should, with polymer clay being toxic and all.

Check out the video. As a lover of breakfast foods, this is a miniature treat.


IHOP Brings Back All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes Because F*ck Your Diet

Well, it’s about damn time, IHOP.

Rejoice, Foodbeasters, for the time to stuff ourselves to the point of puking is finally here again! Starting today and extending until February 14th, IHOP will allow their patrons to eat as many sweet, buttery pancakes as their bodies can handle.

Starting at just $5.49 (although prices may vary depending on region), you can order a stack of five pancakes, then get stacks of two after that for as long as your butter-clogged heart desires. For $6.99, you’ll get the same deal, only with whatever fruit you desire on top.

Finally, if you’re interested in pushing the limits of your stomach but still need a little more substance to your meals, you can order the combo plate that will feature two eggs, hashbrowns, and your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage.

The combo meals range from $6.99-$9.99, depending on the number of eggs and meat you request with your initial dish.

Unfortunately, it’s only the pancakes that can be eaten continuously until kingdom comes. Still, I’ll wait for the all-you-can-eat bacon. It’s coming, I know it…

Image Source: This Is Why You’re Huge, Thrifty NW Mom, IHOP


One Simple Denny’s Pancake Rule Led To A Woman Punching A Waitress


Some folks take the term all-you-can-eat very seriously. An Illinois woman was charged with assault after she was told some very disappointing news about her pancakes: No sharing.

The Smoking Gun reports that the woman, Natasha West, was sharing her Denny’s $4 all-you-can-eat pancakes with other people at her table. A waitress at the restaurant explained to West that she couldn’t do this, causing West to Hulk out.

According to NBC Chicago, 27-year-old West began to swear and started swinging her fists at the server. The authorities say that in her flurry of fists, West struck the waitress that told her she couldn’t share. West then kicked a door numerous times and left the Denny’s without paying her bill.

After she left, the manager of the restaurant called the cops. They found West in a car with her dining companions a short while later and brought them back to the Denny’s to be identified by the staff. One of her friends paid the bill and West was arrested and charged with assault and damage to property.



Here’s Where To Find The World’s Largest Tower Of Grilled Cheese


In a little less than two weeks from now, Foodbeast will be hosting the first-ever Oozefest in Downtown Santa Ana. In honor of our cheese-filled occasion, we’re gonna be attempting to put together the world’s tallest stack of grilled cheeses.

Taking place in the first session, watch as we either set the world record, or kill ourselves in an avalanche of grilled cheese sandwiches. Either way, you’ll be entertained.

Oozefest is happening on Saturday Oct. 10 and is gonna be split into two sessions. The first will be from 1-4PM and the second from 6-9PM. VIPs will get in an hour earlier for each section.

General Admission for Oozefest (All-You-Can-Eat + All-You-Can-Drink) $50 and VIP $75 for 1 hour of early access. Some our cheesiest vendors include Slater’s 50/50, Grilled Cheese Truck, Burntzilla and Grits Fullerton.

World’s Tallest Grilled Cheese Stack || OOZEFESTFor everyone attending October 10th’s FOODBEAST Presents Ooze Fest – Southern California’s Premier Cheese Festival, not only will there be 20+ different news-worthy cheese creations, unlimited craft beer…but we will also be setting a record for the WORLD’S TALLEST GRILLED CHEESE STACK. How high will it go? Find out, get your ticket to you’re not in California, you can tune in via the LIVESTREAM right here on Facebook.#foodbeast #oozefest

Posted by Foodbeast on Thursday, September 24, 2015


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