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How To Make McDonald’s Sriracha Mac Sauce At Home

Recently, McDonald’s added a brand-new dipping option to their arsenal of Chicken McNugget sauces: the Sriracha Mac Sauce. A spicy take on the ever-popular Big Mac Sauce McDonald’s is known for, the new condiment features a touch of Sriracha rooster sauce.

Exactly how much Sriracha, however, is the question.

In one of HellthyJunkFood’s latest episodes, JP and Julia try to recreate the new McNugget sauce in their test kitchen.

Check out their Sriracha Mac Sauce Recipe:

Some of the essential ingredients feature dehydrated minced onions, mayonnaise, French dressing, ketchup, white vinegar, sugar, mustard, lemon, and relish. Finally, they add the special ingredient: Sriracha. You can check out the video to see how they pulled off the Sriracha Mac Sauce recipe in detail.

The YouTube chefs also note that simply adding Sriracha to McDonald’s Mac Sauce did not yield the same results visually, but the flavors were pretty close. In the video, JP and Julia go through a few different variations of the condiment recipe as well host a blind taste test between the original and homemade sauces.

Photo: Peter Pham

If you happen to have the ingredients lying around the kitchen, maybe give this recipe a shot. Beats driving out to McDonald’s every time you need Sriracha Mac Sauce.

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McDonald’s New Sriracha Mac Sauce Is Bringing The Heat

Image courtesy of McDonald’s.

We’ve all become such big fans of McDonald’s iconic sauces that we’ll even buy bottles of them. This new sauce, however, may easily become a big hit fast.

McDonald’s is debuting a brand new Sriracha Mac Sauce that punches up the heat in their original Mac Sauce, giving us a fiery kick that should pair with the creamy condiment perfectly. The sauce, which you should be able to already find in restaurants, is going to be available in a variety of new menu items.

Image courtesy of McDonald’s.

The Sriracha Mac Sauce will be heavily featured in McDonald’s newest Signature Crafted sandwich option, Signature Sriracha. Crispy onions, baby spinach and kale, tomato, and white cheddar will compliment the new condiment on this new upscale option. Additionally, the sauce can be requested to dip into McNuggets or fries for a limited time.

Personally, I’m most excited about dipping the McNuggets into the Sriracha Mac Sauce, but all of the other options sound pretty fire as well.