7-Eleven Celebrates Memorial Day with 49¢ Slurpees


Summertime is officially upon us, and 7-Eleven is making it easy to celebrate the return of sunny skies and higher temperatures with the introduction of their new Slurpee Lite Flavor: Slurpee Lite Sugar-Free Sprite. The new sugar-free flavor will contain roughly 20 calories per 8-oz serving and contains absolutely no sugar.

The Sugar-Free Sprite Flavor hits 7-Eleven Slurpee machines starting May 24th, and (bonus) all Medium-sized 7-Eleven Slurpees will cost a piddling 49¢ from May 24th to the 27th in honor of Memorial Day.


Walmart Display Claims Soda is ‘Wholesome. Healthy. Delicious.’


Listen, we’ve all given Walmart a bad rap and hey, maybe this was just an honest mistake. At least, we hope it was, because the last time we checked soda was no where near “Wholesome” or “Healthy.” Although, we’ll agree that the fizzy stuff is rather “Delicious.”

Kudos to Consumerist reader Kathy for snapping the pic featuring seemingly misplaced 2-liter bottles of Sprite and Coca-Cola. We’re guessing the signs claiming to be  “Wholesome. Healthy. Delicious.” and “Easy convenient meals” were meant for something like fresh sandwiches and salads. Then again . . . it is Walmart we’re talking about and that McDonald’s in the background isn’t really helping its case. Just sayin’.


Sigh. The day that Sprite or Coca-Cola become replacements for a nice pre-packaged chicken from the store deli, I’ll just head over to the bakery for some yesterday, today, tomorrow expiring glazed donuts.

H/T Consumerist


Brown Sprite, the Crystal Pepsi Parody

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 11.36.51 AM

Right now, boasts the commercial for new “Brown Sprite”, the apocryphal follow-up to the early 90s Crystal Pepsi, the future isn’t as clear as it once was.  

Right now . . . the world is dark. 

(Right) now . . . there’s a soda to match. 

While you’ll never see this faux-mercial on television, or this questionably “enlightened” product on the shelves, you can still enjoy the parody video, directed by David Ward about the inventor of Crystal Pepsi stepping up to bat again twenty years later.

It should be noted he plays the commercial on a VCR. Remember those? The nineties, amirite?

H/T The Laughing Squid


On the Beach in Brazil, They Have a Giant Soda Fountain Shower

In one of the more clever promotional pushes we’ve seen in recent memory, Sprite is furthering their ‘refreshing’ branding with the installation of a giant soda fountain shower on a beach in Rio de Janeiro.

The shower, built to celebrate Summer 2012 and obviously get some good footage for their advertising campaigns, works at the push of a giant lever, much like a traditional soda fountain would work. Except instead of a sticky carbonated beverage, out pours refreshing cold water.

In traditional viral marketing verbage, Sprite hopes you “Like” their video under the allure that this shower can show up on a beach near you:



Video: Drake for Sprite (Commercial)

I’m not really sure why it is I’m liking Drake so much lately. His voice can practically be heard on just about every song on the radio right now, but I can’t knock his flow. This Sprite commercial is pretty dope, as we get to see Drake stop mid recording, refresh himself with some Sprite, watch his body open up like a robot, and get back to his genius. Way to go Aubrey! Oh yeah, apologies about the poor quality about this commercial, but at the time of this posting, this is the highest quality we could find.