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Del Taco Is First Major Fast Food Chain To Add Popping Boba To Their Menu

Popping boba, encapsulated pearls that burst when you bite into them, have yet to make it onto the menus of major fast food chains in America. While they’ve become popular at froyo shops — the concept of boba and its popularity have been a thing for a while now — it has yet to penetrate the biggest chains in food.

Photo courtesy of Del Taco

That all changed with Del Taco’s most recent introduction, Sprite Poppers. Made with popping boba topped over Sprite and ice, the new drinks mark the first time a major fast food chain has added the unique topping to their menu.

Del Taco’s offer consists of two flavors, mango or cherry popping boba, that are piled on top of the iced beverage. The drinks cost $1.29 each, roughly the same price as a small soft drink.

For those curious, popping boba is typically made by encapsulating a liquid, such as juice or flavored syrup, within a “shell” made from a calcium solution and sodium alginate, which is a gelling protein found in seaweed. It’s the reaction between the calcium and alginate protein that leads to the gel-like capsules to form.

They’re typically difficult to make at scale, making Del Taco’s addition of these drinks noteworthy. Whether it leads to more popping boba drinks coming to fast food, or even the addition of real boba itself, remains to be seen.

Del Taco’s Sprite Poppers will be available for a limited time.

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McDonald’s Blue Hawaii McFizz May Be The Prettiest Drink On Their Menu

Yet another reason we envy McDonald’s Japan patrons has surfaced in the form of a cool blue soft drink.

PopSugar reports that McDonald’s locations in Japan have added a new beverage called the Blue Hawaii McFizz. Sprite and a bright-blue syrup with a secret splash of apple juice are used to create this multi-colored drink.

The drink is part of McDonald’s Japan’s Loco Moco Summer Menu, designed to pair with the chain’s new Hawaiian-style burgers and spicy chili fries.

Whether it actually tastes good or not, you have to admit that the new beverage is pretty photogenic. At least it can’t be worse than some of Starbucks’ more recent creations.

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A Woman Broke Into Drake’s House Just To Drink His Sprite

Drake has had a pretty rough April, as he claimed to be racially profiled at a country club during Coachella weekend, and now we’re finding out his Hidden Hills home got broken into earlier this month.

On April 3, Mesha Collins was on her worst behavior, as police found her hiding in Drake’s house, helping herself to some soda and water, according to LA Times.

Drake wasn’t home at the time, per the Huffington Post, but his property manager guided police to the burglar, who was apparently locked in a room.

Not only did she down a Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji water, but she was reportedly wearing one of Drake’s hoodies when police found her.

It’s unknown how she got into the “Yolo Estate” (Yes, that’s literally what Drake’s corny ass named it), as there were no signs of forced entry, but at least she never made it out with any property.

After being arrested and charged with burglary, she was held on $100,000 bail, and will have her day in court Wednesday.

It’s a shame Drake wasn’t home, because he probably would have kept her captive in the room, fallen in love Beauty and the Beast-style, then written a fire album about it.


Nigerian Court Claims Sprite And Fanta Are Potentially Super Poisonous

Popular Coca-Cola brand soft drinks Sprite and Fanta may be a little worse for you than you think, according to some recent findings in the country of Nigeria.

According to CNN, a court in Nigeria ruled that the two carbonated beverages sold in the country are “poisonous” when consumed alongside victim C. The court is ordering the manufacturer, the Nigerian Bottling Company, to place warning labels on their products indicating so.

It seems the two drinks allegedly contained a dangerously high amount of benzoic acid and sunset yellow (a food coloring known in the US as Yellow 6). When mixed with ascorbic acid, it potentially could become a high health risk for humans, forming carcinogens.

The Nigerian Bottling Company, however, is challenging the ruling. They state that the levels of benzoic acid in the drinks are within the levels approved by international food standards body Codex Alimentarius as well as the national regulator.

While the case is still ongoing, such public attention has left Nigerian consumers wary of the two sodas.

Hit-Or-Miss Technology Video

How To Make A Soda Fountain At Home Using Cardboard [WATCH]

Is this project necessary? Absolutely not. Is this project awesome? Hell freaking yes!

Using the type of engineering skill that I wish I had growing up when I was consistently losing in my school science fair, The Q YouTube channel put together a soda machine using soda bottles, cardboard, a 9V battery, some tubes and wires, a push button switch, and a DC6V mini air pump motor.

After tying together some wires, gluing the cardboard, and sticking some tubes inside the soda bottles, the end result was a DIY tap, kind of like the ones you’d see inside fast food restaurants.

Yeah, it takes a little more effort than my oversimplified description, but with a little help from the video above, this could be a fun science project or just something to do if you’re bored at home and happen to have a mini air pump motor lying around.


DIY Gummy Bear Popsicles with Sprite



Science Says Sprite May Be the New Hangover Cure


According to a study published in the September 2013 issue of Food and Function, Sprite can help cure those wicked hangovers. After testing over fifty beverages ranging from herbal teas to various other carbonated drinks, Chinese researchers found that the results pointed to the lemon-lime pop as an effective means of reducing hangover symptoms.

The science behind this has to do with how alcohol is broken down in the body after ingestion. The crap feelings of nausea, a bout of the spins and a throbbing headache isn’t actually caused by the alcohol but rather by acetaldehyde, an enzyme your body produces in an attempt to process all the booze you guzzled down.

Scientists tested beverages to see how consumption following alcohol would affect how long acetaldehyde takes to break down. The results showed that the usual go-to remedies, such as herbal teas, actually slow the digestion process down — making your hangover last longer than it should. If the length of time it takes for acetaldehyde to turn into acetate could be shortened, the duration of a hangover could actually be reduced. Soda water and Sprite sped up the conversion process, thus reducing your hangover.

So the next time you decide to throw a rager make sure to stock up on some 2-liters of Sprite in preparation for the morning after.

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New Cranberry Sprite Probably Belongs on Your Thanksgiving Table


Did you know it’s very possible to drink an entire Thanksgiving dinner in soda? Sure, it’ll probably taste horrendous. But you can do it.

Now, you can even do it for zero calories.

Because “turkey” Sprite probably didn’t do very well with test groups, Sprite’s latest limited time holiday flavor, cranberry, comes in both than Sprite Cranberry and Sprite Zero Cranberry. It combines the regular lemon-lime flavors with a twist of cranberry and will be available through the New Year in 2 liter bottles, 12 ounce cans, and 20 ounce bottles.

Vodka cranberry spritzers with your sweet potato, anyone?

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