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Disneyland’s Newest Macaron Comes With A Hidden ‘Bleeding Sprinkle’ Surprise

Have your smartphones on the ready when buying Disneyland’s newest macaron, because whoever bites into it is gonna be in for a bit of a surprise.

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

When you break into the new Birthday Hat Macaron at Disney California Adventure’s Cozy Cone Motel, you’re going to unleash a flurry of sprinkles that are hiding in the middle of the treat. It’s akin to the viral “bleeding sprinkles” cakes that have cracked off on Instagram, but in a smaller, more jolting form.

Foodbeast’s own Elie Ayrouth got an early sneak peek at the new treat, which drops in January to coincide with the new “Get Your Ears On” Mickey and Minnie Mouse celebration. Peep the video below to check out his full experience with the macaron, including the color it changed his tongue at the end.

It’s not all flash and flair with the Birthday Hat Macaron, however. Ayrouth noted that the macaron and filling inside tasted like cotton candy, making this treat a unique fusion of multiple modern theme park favorites.

The macaron will be available at the Cozy Cone Motel during the Get Your Ears On celebration, which lasts through the whole of 2019.


9 Foods You Wouldn’t Expect To Find In A Vending Machine

When you think of vending machines, you think of gifts of gloriously cheap and convenient snacks and beverages to keep you going throughout the day. However, the world is beginning to spin these contraptions in brand new directions, and you can find all sorts of crazy things in vending machines that nobody would have dreamed of putting in there just a few years ago.

Read on to see nine things you would never expect to find in a vending machine.

Pet Food

It sounds really weird for pet food to be coming out of a machine, right? Well, it turns out this one is actually for a great cause, as the machine, created by Turkish company Pugedon, is designed to feed stray pets in urban areas. All you have to do is drop off a recyclable bottle, and the bottom tray of the vending machine will dispense some food for the strays to eat. It’s an odd but awesome way to take care of pets on the streets, that’s for sure.

Italian Pasta

The Barilla vending machine shown in this Bicom clip will actually cook pasta for you, with sauce, in a short amount of time. While you can make pasta at home for much cheaper than what this machine charges you, it’s an interesting remedy for anyone who forgot to bring their lunch one day.

Live Minnows

We’ve seen live crabs in vending machines before that you can take home, but minnows? You can buy small cans of them to use as fishing bait from this particular vending machine shown in YouTuber’s Village Tackle vid. The longer they’re alive, the more likely fish are to catch them, I guess…

Fried Foods

I don’t think anybody expects to get their lunch out of a vending machine. If you have a hankering for fast-food items like chicken nuggets, you’d rather just go to the restaurant and get them yourself. Of course, convenience and unique Japanese vending machines say otherwise, and so, here we have YouTuber Venus Angelic ordering fried chicken out of a machine. Yes, fried chicken.


MyCupcakeAddiction got to check out this crazy cupcake ATM at Sprinkles cupcakes in Los Angeles, CA, that lets you customize your dessert and delivers it to you in a sleek box. Upon watching, I’m just baffled at how they make this happen. It’s attached to the cupcake shop, so maybe they just make it super fast and put it on a conveyor to the machine? Or maybe the machine just knows how to custom-build cupcakes? It’s a mystery that needs solving.


If you’re in extreme need of on-the-go, speedy burritos, this vending machine may be your choice. ETC Show checked it out and found it to be pretty interesting. The machine lets you pick your burrito, additional toppings, and then plays catchy music while you wait. Sounds super cool, but honestly, I can get a custom-made fresh burrito in the same amount of time from a fast-casual spot. Is it really worth that extra convenience for this burrito vending machine to exist? We say yes.

Canned Bread

Okay, bread is fine enough when properly packaged in a vending machine. But what is the point of sticking bread into a can? Not sure if it does anything to help the bread out orrrr…? So many odd questions, so few answers. Watch as japanesestuffchannel takes one home in this video, and tbh, it actually looks pretty delicious once pulled apart.

Mashed Potatoes

The reaction of the HLN newscasters in this video says it all for this mashed potato vending machine. You get some liquid mashed potatoes out of this vending machine that then gets topped off with brown gravy. They’re definitely using instant potatoes to make this product, which makes sense since it’s a vending machine.


Japan really loves its wacky vending machines, and this sweet crepe-filled contraption shown in this Only in Japan video is one of the special ones out there. Found in Kagoshima, you can pick from a variety of crepe flavors for a portable treat — including custard, caramel, Hershey’s chocolate and even potato. It looks like there are dozens and dozens of flavors to choose from and I now know where my next vacation is going to be.


Packaged Food

Thomas’ Adds PIZZA & PARTY CAKE Bagels For A Limited Time


Thomas’ Bagels just released two new flavors that definitely caught our attention. For a limited time, the English Muffin and bagel brand will be offering new Pizza bagels and Party Cake bagels.

The pizza bagels are seasoned with tomato, garlic, onion, basil, and oregano to recreate the aromatic flavor one would find in the iconic Italian dish. On a sweeter note, the mini Party Cake bagels made with sweet, colorful, sprinkles to bring the party out of your bite.

Could probably through a ton of cheese and sauce on these bagel slices and have ourselves a bit of a pizza party. Then, cake.

Both of the new bagels will be available at participating grocery retailers for a limited time. Prices may vary depending on the location.


THIS: 24/7 Pizza ATM

When Sprinkles introduced the Cupcake ATM back in 2012, everyone in L.A. freaked out as the thought of getting bomb-ass cupcakes through a machine, like you would a bottle of soda, or bag of M&Ms, sounded revolutionary.

Four years later, an even crazier vending machine is making waves, as hot and ready pizzas can be yours through a Pizza ATM in Ohio.

The Paline Pizza ATM will hold up to 70, 12-inch pizzas at a time, and bake them in a 500-degree oven for three minutes before boxing them up and putting them in your hands.

Somehow, Xavier University in Cincinnati got first dibs on this thing, as students will fork up $10 per pie, while choosing their desired toppings without having to worry about closing times, slow delivery boys, or human interaction, really.

Testing the #pizzaatm and these two lucky students had their first slice! #xavieruniversity

A photo posted by Pizza ATM (@pizzaatm) on

Although these are new to the U.S., they’ve low-key been in Europe for 14 years, hidden in corners of gas stations in little towns. You know, just your run-of-the-mill Pizza ATM, chillin’ in the middle of nowhere.

Thankfully they’ve hit the States now, and hopefully, 24/7 pizza will soon become a normal thing, no longer giving us late-night anxiety when we just want to Netflix and chill with a slice in hand.


Woman Goes Into A Rage Over Ice Cream Cone With TOO FEW Sprinkles


Apparently not enough sprinkles on your ice cream is reason enough to go into a rage these days. A Michigan woman was so upset over an ice cream cone she ordered from a gas station that she became increasingly violent.

The station clerk allegedly did not include enough sprinkles when serving the woman the cone and, because of this, she began to fly into a rage. A male companion was present with the woman, and when he tried to calm her down, she began to pound on him.

While the two eventually left, the clerk decided to call the cops with her license plate number in case she returned with more sprinkle-induced fury. No charges have been pressed.



9 Classic Foods You Had No Idea Were Actually Mistakes


It may be impossible to believe that some of the most iconic snacks were actually just kitchen flukes and accidents. But, these clumsy and creative chefs were more than able to turn their mistakes into masterpieces. Here’s a delicious history lesson that will change the way you see your favorite foods.


Chocolate Chip Cookies


One day in 1930, the Whitman Massachusetts Toll House Inn owner Ruth Wakefield ran out of baking chocolate for her locally famed deserts. Luckily for us, Ruth decided to get creative and tossed a bar of Nestle semisweet chocolate into her batter.

The resulting chocolate-chunk cookie received incredible popularity. Ruth sold her recipe to Nestle (hence “Nestle Toll House”) in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate. Sounds reasonable to me.




John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich in the 18th century, was immersed in a heated game of cards when lunch time happened to roll around. John, lost to the competitive, merciless animal within him didn’t want to be bothered with eating with a fork and knife so he requested that he be brought a piece of meat in between two pieces of bread.

His laziness, in fact, changed the fate of the world.


Cheese Puffs


The Flakall Company of Wisconsin was known in the 1930’s for crushing grains for animal feed. Edward Wilson, an employee at the company, noted that they would use moistened corn kernels to keep the machine from getting too clogged up.

Due to the heat of the heat of the machine, the moistened corn meal would bake off into little puffy ribbons that hardened when the cool air hit them. Edward thought these puffed corn kernels looked like a great snack food, so he took them home with him and added some oil and seasonings, thus creating the cheese puff.




In 1943, Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya was the maitre d’ at The Victory Club, a restaurant in Mexico. One day, Nacho was faced with the task of feeding 10 hungry military wives passing through his restaurant. He got creative and used a bed of tostadas with melted cheese and jalapeños, served to the ladies and deemed, “Nacho’s Especiale” or “Nacho’s Special”.


Potato Chips


Ironically enough, the potato chip was invented by a chef named George Crum after a customer sent back an order of fried potatoes that was allegedly “not thin enough.” George became spiteful and cut the potatoes as thin as he could, resulting in the potato chip we know (and eat too many of in one sitting) today.




Back in 1905, 11 year old Frank Epperson left a soda out on the porch with a stick resting in it. Overnight, the soda had frozen with the stick standing upright. Years later, Frank applied for a patent for his invented treat, originally called the “Epsicle.”

Learn to make your own here.


Ice Cream Cones


It is not widely known that the invention of the ice cream cone was actually adorable. At the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, an ice cream salesman ran out of bowls. So, Ernest Hamwi, who was running a Syrian-inspired booth next to him, decided to roll up some of his pastries, called zalabia, to help out his neighbor.




The Slurpee draws its origins from a Dairy Queen in Kansas City the late 1950’s, owned by Omar Knedlik. When Omar’s soda fountain broke, he began to put soda bottles in the freezer until they were partially frozen. They quickly became very popular, as customers would specifically request the “pops that were in a bit longer”.




Way back in 5,000 B.C., people would transport animal milk by putting it in sacks made from animal stomachs. The acidity and bacteria from the stomachs would cause the milk to curdle, thus forming yogurt. Maybe try not to think about this too much while enjoying a yogurt parfait.

This Article written by miafalcon by Spoon University


These Major Restaurants Have Secret Menus For Dogs


The restaurant world is a lot more pet-friendly than you’d think. We’ve seen a dedicated dog cafe pop up recently, making it so that you can dine in with a plethora of puppies around you, but you can also dine with your four-legged best friend at standard restaurants.

While some services are at the discretion of the restaurant’s owner, plenty of well-known restaurants cater to your doggy with special menu items.

Of course, unless you have a service dog, you can’t really eat indoors without the health department throwing a fit, but outdoor patios are a dog-lover’s best friend.

Also, keep in mind that just as we hoomans can be allergic to certain things, your dog can be too. So check with a vet and always make sure you know that your dog can handle the food so you don’t get unexpected gifts on your car rug.

From Starbucks to Shake Shack, a lot of our favorite chain restaurants put in a little extra effort to make sure your companion can share a little something with you while dining.

Check out the dog-friendly secret menu items that they offer:

Puppuccino from Starbucks

puppuccino picthx Reddit, HQueen22

The Puppuccino is a small cup filled with whipped cream for your canine companion. If you’re taking Scooby for a walk and want to pop in to Starbucks for a Caramel Frappuccino, you don’t have to painfully look into your dog’s sad little eyes as he watches you drink away. Take a seat outside and enjoy Starbucks with Fido.

However, it could be a bit sketchy to order it consistently for your dog, considering Starbucks’ whipped cream has so much sugar and fat, but it’s a nice treat for them once in a great while.


Dairy Queen Pup Cup

picthx sonyadawn, drkelbel

Everyone loves ice cream (except maybe our own Peter Pham). Chances are your dog will go nuts for this. With a little bit of vanilla soft serve, topped with a doggie treat, your dog will wag her tail nonstop.

*Note* We’ve heard milk could possibly be harmful for dogs, so definitely consult with your vet before trying this one.


In-N-Out’s Pup Patty

picthx Squirkee, Chubs the Frenchie

In-N-Out is a must whenever in California, even for your four-legged friend. If you’re loving a Double Double in your car and your dog is giving you those sad puppy eyes, you can order him a Pup Patty. It’s just a plain, unseasoned burger patty with no salt, just like Uncle Jim used to grill for Memorial Day.



Doggie Cupcakes from Sprinkles

doggiecupcake picthx baileyinthecity, Toyangxoxo

Sprinkles is another destination that must be visited when in California. Their famous cupcakes are also extended to doggies as one of their specialized cupcakes is made sugar-free and with yogurt frosting.


Sonic Drive-In Doggie Treats

picthix Scottiemom

It makes sense that Sonic Drive-In would be pet-friendly since you never even step foot inside. They’re set up so that you order and eat in your car, or pop out and eat at their outside dining area. If you have your pet with you, they’ll often bring you a doggie treat so you won’t eat alone.



The Pooch-ini from Shake Shack

picthx beanthere_donethat, reubendebrow

An East Coast favorite that’s filled with delicious burgers and milk shakes, of course, Shake Shack has the Pooch-ini for your doggie to enjoy. The Pooch-ini is a custom-made dessert consisting of dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard. Your dog’s going to wag her tail for days after enjoying this one.



Johnny Rockets Dog Burger

picthx Charlene C.

At Johnny Rockets, if you sit in the outdoor patio areas, you can ask for a cut-up burger patty and water. The Johnny Rockets in Southern California’s Victoria Gardens restaurant even teamed up with a local dog bakery to put together a 20-item menu for doggies that includes a Lickety Split Ice Cream and Pupcakes.


Lazy Dog Rice Plate

picthx arachellybelly

No surprise here. Lazy Dog Cafe is known for its dog-loving inspiration. Here, patrons are encouraged to sit in the outside patio and share meals with their doggies and mingle with other doggies. As you can see above, a cut up piece of beef and a generous serving of rice are provided for Lassie.


Tim Hortons’ Sugar-Free Timbits

picthx Igor Pub Dog

If you’re a follower of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, you’d be under the impression that Canada sucks, but what you should know is they’re actually super friendly. Of course the Canadian superpower, Tim Hortons, offers its famous Timbits to doggies in a plain, dog-friendly form.


Some Chick-Fil-As Give Dog Treats


There are always restaurants that cater to their demographic. So if they know the area consists of lots of dog lovers they might keep dog treats in-store to hand out. For example, Several Chick-Fil-As, such as the one in Upland, CA, and Fountain Way, MN, are known for providing treats for your pup via the drive-thru.


Of course, we don’t want to leave out the mom and pops who love dogs just as much as you do. So if you’re on the road with your dog and need to find a spot to plop down and have a meal, some sites pinpoint which restaurants, big or small, are pet-friendly.

It’s not exactly the mega stack of spaghetti they shared in Lady and the Tramp, but these places are pretty considerate to the pet community.

So don’t let your pup miss out on a treat, and if it’s a hot day, make sure you couple these treats with some water.

Information from Barkpost and The I Love Dogs Site used in this post.

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