Hit-Or-Miss Packaged Food Video

Watch How Peanut Butter Is Made

In the darkest, most depressing days, we can always turn to comfort foods to keep us grounded. One thing that always cheers us up is peanut butter.

We can’t speak for those with peanut allergies, but the feeling of biting into a toasted peanut butter  sandwich is indescribable. The combination of melted peanut butter and the crunch from a toasted slice of bread adds an overwhelmingly joyous texture in our mouths.

Let’s take a look at one of How It’s Made’s earlier segments on the creation of the beloved nut spread. The Discovery Channel’s series shows us how peanut butter is made en masse, chronicling the journey from nut to jar.

Check out the fascinating video while we raid the office kitchenette for some peanut butter. Pretty sure Isai has some hidden around somewhere.


Finally, Bacon Jam to Slather on All Things Edible

bacon jam

Finally, someone (Bree) had the ingenuity and daring to venture where few bacon lovers have ventured before to bring us the fantastic: Bacon Jam.

If this is old news to you, well la dee dah, when you get off your high horse, say hello. For the rest of you dahlings, imagine this: “rich and complex, sweet and smoky, citrusy and syrupy” bacon jam to slather on anything from a hot, toasty biscuit to a moist, rich burger to a crispy chocolate chip cookie. Yes, a cookie.

While there are endless options when it comes to spreadable bacon bits, we suggest going for the most simplistic and heavenly of all: Grab a spoon, scoop and eat.

Go big or go bacon, or something kitschy like that.

Try out the recipe here.

H/T Design Taxi + Photo Courtesy of Baked Bree


Adventure: Which Wich (Fullerton, CA)

One thing that helps me persevere through the long days of being a student is the new and convenient sandwich joint right across campus known as Which Wich. The expanding sandwich chain makes use of its understanding that their customers aren’t all the same, allowing a level of customizability that rivals Subway.

Their business model may seem similar to rival sandwich chains, but the customizability is the last point of comparison the consumer has against the brand. Having more then 50 customizable “wiches”, this place takes the saying “The Way You Like It” to a whole new level, check out how!