This Soy Sauce Bottle Lets You Spray Your Sushi


There’s been much debate on the proper method to eating sushi. Getting your sushi into soy sauce can be difficult for the inexperienced, whether using chopsticks or even one’s bare hands. However, it looks like a third option just presented itself for sushi lovers.

Hukuman Soy Sauce has developed a Sushi Spray that does pretty much what you think it does. You can simply remove the cap and instantly spray soy sauce onto your sushi. No splash damage, no fuss.

The company has been known for getting creative with their soy sauce products, even going as far as mixing it with yogurt and developing a flavor for domesticated pets. However, this time they’re not touching the sauce recipe. Rather, they’re changing the bottle from a storage unit to a full-on delivery service.

We’re not sure how many people are willing to carry a bottle of soy sauce with them for such an occasion, but it’s a novel gift nonetheless. The bottle can be purchased through the Hukuman website.

Now get on that wasabi and ginger spray.


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Aerosol Spray Cake Batter Is Like Miracle Cheez Whiz


Mama always said not to lick the spoon. She didn’t say anything about eating straight from the can.

As a school project back in 2013, Harvard student John McCallum was seeking out ways to “eat more cake” when he noticed someone spraying whipped cream from a can, reports the Boston Globe. The inspiration was instantaneous. McCallum decided to test if the accelerant used in aerosol cans could also be used to raise cakes without baking soda or baking powder, effectively creating instant cake batter Cheez-Whiz.

And here we are.

Sadly, McCallum went with the name Spray Cake instead of Cake Whiz, but the results from his months-long research and development are still pretty damn magical. Unlike traditional cake batter, Spray Cake can be made in the microwave in only a minute, and in as big or small portions as you’d like. It also apparently has the same mouthfeel as cakes baked in traditional ovens.

Now if you’d please excuse us, we’re gonna go spray this all over our cookie dough ice cream.

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Cinnabon-Scented Air Freshener is Unfortunately Not Edible


Are you frantically spraying the bathroom with some foul “lavender” scent that really smells like aged cough syrup? Well, Cinnabon hopes to offer a more pleasant experience when it comes to covering up your home’s au naturel odors.

In addition to Cinnabon vodka and fast food donut holes, the brand expands with a new Cinnabon-scented automatic air spray. In collaboration with Air Wick, the brand-specific spray attempts to bring home the scent of “one-of-a-kind cinnamon and cream cheese frosting that make Cinnabon cinnamon rolls so unforgettable.”

However (minor upset), word has it that while the spray does have a light cinnamon scent, it’s in no way close to the deep, addicting aroma of freshly baked Cinnabon rolls. Still better than molding cough syrup.


Vodka-Powered Text Messages for When You Have No Wireless Signal


We’ve all texted someone at some point in our lives where alcohol was a contributing factor. However, has anyone ever sent an alcohol-influenced text message without actually drinking it? Canada has. A research team from York University found a way to create the world’s first molecular text message by programming a series of vodka-filled sprays that were transmitted to a receiver.

The receiver measured the alcohol levels and formed a message from the pattern transmitted. An example of this method of communication is similar to how animals communite with one another through urination, according to Andrew Eckford, professor of Lassonde School of Engineering. Alhough this new method will not be replacing radio waves any time soon, it would be beneficial in places around the world where radio signals don’t work.


The first successful molecular text message was “O CANADA.”



Worst Idea Ever: A ‘Skunk Spray’ for Curbing Appetites


Why does losing weight have to suck so much? Why does exercise have to hurt and steak have to taste like heaven’s leftovers?

A new weight-loss spray out of Britain isn’t going to make things any better. It’s called the “Stink Yourself Slim,” and inventor Alex Fontaine came up with the idea after she had her lunch ruined by the presence of a stray skunk. The idea, in case you can’t put two and two together, is that by dousing your delicious Monkey-style In-N-Out burger in skunk-funk, you’ll be so turned off that you remember to reach for the salad instead.

Except of course, if I have enough willpower to reach for the spray in the first place, shouldn’t I also know just to not order the burger?

Other equally-reasonable applications include: skunk-bombing the competition down the street to drive business to your own restaurant, giving yourself a five-seat buffer in a crowded movie theatre, and blackmailing your way to better Halloween candy loot.

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Magic Repellent Spray Frees Us from the Struggles of Messy Eating


You know what they say: The best foods in life are probably going to ruin your brand new shirt. From chili-cheese fries to ribs to hot fudge sundaes, it’s hard appreciating good, solid, messy eats when you’re too worried about whether or not the leftovers will match your outfit. But suppose you could spray your clothes with some sort of magical repellant which caused all those offending liquids to bead up and slide right off, all without you ever having to grab a napkin or even stop to breathe? Manners? Bah!

We’ve seen Rust-Oleum’s magical NeverWet spray before, back in 2011 when Lancaster online revealed a video demonstrating the product’s industrial uses. But now the NeverWet is commercially available at Home Depot and, for all of us to abuse to our hearts’ content.

Just spray the base and top coats and watch as chocolate sauce, mustard, gravy and water all roll miraculously off a ridiculous range of surfaces, including a t-shirt, sneakers and even an iPhone. Seriously, this video seems like one BS magic trick, but as far as we can tell, everything it claims is 100% true. Granted, current reviews from Home Depot do state that certain materials like cotton don’t completely seal off, leaving you with slightly damp feet should you decide to jog in the rain. Some have also complained about a faint grey film left behind by the spray when used on darker surfaces. But for only $20, it’s hard to make too much noise. Unless you were hoping to walk on water or use it to drown your enemies. That, the NeverWet definitely cannot do. Probably.

Rust-Oleum NeverWet Repellant Spray: $20 @ Home Depot

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Go From Sober to Drunk, With Just One Spray

It’s called the WA|HH Quantum Sensations spray, and it gets you drunk for a few seconds with no aftereffects. The utility of the product is up in the air, but regardless, I can probably fill a football field, in minutes, with the amount of people who’d be down to be the guinea pigs.

Each spray from the device will only give you .075 milliliters of alcohol. Apparently, thanks to the way the specially designed spray mechanism sends the liquid into your mouth, the inebriation effect is full and instantaneous. Once the effect wears off, the claim is that you won’t have a headache, and you can pass an alcohol test after use.

The small aerosol can was put together by French designer Philippe Starck and Franco-American scientist David Edwards. The unit, presented at an exhibition in Paris, “looks like a stick of lipstick,” but one spray release has the minimum quantity for the microparticles to stimulate the brain.

The apparent pros of this is that many of the dangers of traditional alcohol consumption are avoided. A drink may traditionally contain between 40 to 60ml of alcohol, while with the use of the Wahh Quantum Sensations, it would take nearly 1,000 sprays to consume that amount.

This isn’t scientist David Edwards’ first spray rodeo. You may recall his last product, Whif, which allowed you to breath flavors like chocolate or coffee, without having to eat or drink them. Apparently they sold 400,000 of these units.

I can’t contain myself. Getting a quick drunk off a spray, wooing the girl of my dreams, and then being able to safely drive her back to my place without having to have an unsafe blood alcohol level?

Someone put me on the pre-order, apparently a unit is going for around $26!

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