Someone Recreated The Nasty Patty From ‘Spongebob’ And It Went Viral

Fans of SpongeBob Squarepants may remember the first appearance of the Nasty Patty, a disgusting burger designed by the titular SpongeBob and his boss Mr. Krabs to fend off a fake health inspector trying to score free food. A creative individual decided to turn the grotesque menu item into a real-life burger, complete with the same visually nauseating aesthetic.

SpongeBob fan Danny Jay Do posted on his Facebook a side-by-side shot of his Nasty Patty. Do made a turkey burger he crusted in pea snap crumbs and topped it with a goat cheese and garlic aioli, a pea turkey gravy, Swiss chard veins and leaves, and sandwiched everything in between cranberry brioche buns baked by his sister.

Definitely a far cry from the original set of ingredients: Volcano sauce, seahorse radish, toenail clippings and fried with old gym socks.

Posted last Friday, the image went viral, garnering more than a thousand reshares through the platform. Do even went as far as shouting out viral YouTube pop culture chef Binging with Babish hoping the creator would have eyes on the sandwich.

Fingers crossed, my friend. Wonder if this talented young man has any other burger creations in the books?

Feature Image Courtesy of @DannyDoIt
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Could This Be The Secret Ingredient In Mr. Krabs’ Krabby Patty?

In all of the years that Spongebob Squarepants has been on television, not once has the secret formula to the iconic Krabby Patty been revealed. Tons of theories have popped up as to what it actually is, with a large portion of the Spongebob fanbase believing the formula to be a pinch of “King Neptune’s Poseidon Powder.” Whatever it is, it makes the Krabby Patty taste absolutely delicious.

With those hints in mind, YouTube channel Binging With Babish decided to recreate the staple sandwich of The Krusty Krab with his belief on what the secret ingredients could be. While he does make an educated guess as to the actual source of the ingredient, Babish surmises that a single compound is the true source of the Krabby Patty’s amazing flavor: MSG.

Although this could just be his educated guess, the video reveals the mystical ingredient in a Krabby Patty.


UPDATE: Real Life Krusty Krab Construction Progresses Beautifully


We posted a while back that a real-life version of Spongebob Squarepants’ Krusty Krab was being built in Palestinian city of Ramallah. Within a few weeks since their last photo update, the official Facebook has posted their progress and we have to admit, it’s coming along quite nicely. We now have a look at the inside of the restaurant closing in on its final stages of development.


In late June, the restaurant had only the signature framework of the iconic Krusty Krab along with a few other signature marks (flags and window net) that confirmed this was real. Now, the restaurant has come to life with color decor inspired by the television show it’s based on. From the red, yellow and blue tables to the cash register boat, the Krusty Krab is starting to look like it’s jumped out of the TV screen. Mr. Krab’s desk is even set up in the restaurant for what will probably be a photo opportunity for visitors.


H/T + Picthx Krusty Krab, SpongeBob Wikia

Fast Food

Krusty Krab Restaurant from SpongeBob Being Built IRL


Looks like we won’t have to live under the sea to be able to enjoy the sweet maritime burgers of the famous Krusty Krab chain. The fictional fast-food restaurant is well-known for being the vocation of one Mr. Spongebob Squarepants and occasionally his hetero life-mate Patrick.

Turns out the Krusty Krab is being pulled from the silver screen right into the real world with a functional location currently under construction in the Palestinian city of Ramallah. The Krusty Krab will feature all its cartoon equilvent’s architectural aesthetics, including the multiple flags and window net. It even has a life-sized model of Mr. Krab himself.

Hopefully if they do well, we’ll get a US location. Specifically California. Specifically across the street.


H/T Fusion, Picthx Krusty Krab


Burger King: Spongebob Kids Meal

Burger King has teamed up with Spongebob Squarepants and presents a $0.99 Kids Meal! Enjoy the commercial!