This Restaurant Serves Tableside Shawarma You Can Slice Yourself

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There are few things in this world as mesmerizing as watching someone slice roasted meat off of a spit. Many times have we stood on the opposite side of the counter top at the local shawarma joint, wishing we could just hop on over and slice off a piece of meat for ourselves.

Looks like a Lebanese/Middle Eastern restaurant in New York will let you do just that — at your table, at least. Au Za’atar, located in NYC, offers patrons a full-on shawarma slicing experience by offering what they call Table-Side Spinners, which are essentially mini roasting spits.

Table-side shawarma is the definition of LIT 🔥 @auzaatar

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Each spit comes complete with a bed of pita bread, vegetables, and fries. Currently, there are three meat options available: beef, chicken, and lamb.

After you slice your meat, it falls directly onto the bed of veggies and pita so you can just scoop up and enjoy. Man, sounds like the perfect family-style meal.

Because customers probably don’t want to wait hours for their meat to fully finish, the off-menu speciality needs to be ordered in advance — though they do have a couple ready-to-eat spits available for when the restaurant opens.

Photo Credit: @BrunchBoys

This Fast Food Employee Was Arrested For Spitting In A Cop’s Burger, But That’s Not The Worst Thing


As awful as working in fast food can get sometimes, the biggest rule is never spit in anyone’s food. A Dairy Queen employee in Baton Rouge, unfortunately, broke that rule and got himself arrested. Oh yeah, he spat in a cop’s burger.

Last week, Elijah Johnson was caught on surveillance footage spitting into the burger of a police officer. According to the police report, the officer had noticed something that looked like saliva on his bun and asked the restaurant if he could review the footage. There, Johnson was shown hocking one into a half-completed burger before going back to add the remainder of the ingredients.

Needless to say, he was arrested.

In the police report, Johnson admitted that he had several diseases. One of which was herpes.

The fast food employee was charged with mingling with harmful substances. Hopefully he doesn’t go back to handling food anytime soon.