Truckload of French Fries Crashes Along Highway, Causes Ketchup Puns


A 53-foot tractor trailer rolled over Saturday night in Richmond, Maine, and spilled boxes of french fries all over I-295. The trailer was full of the fries and had to be completely removed before the truck could be towed away.

Charles Ohalloran, the 28-year-old driver of the truck, was distracted by a water bottle, reports WCSH6. He swerved and went off the road, causing the truck to roll over the grass and into the trees paralleling the freeway. The police arrived at the scene just as Ohalloran was climbing out.

Bowdinham and Richmond firefighters responding to the accident had to make an assembly line to remove each 36-pound fry box.

It should be mentioned that a similar accident near the crash site had occurred earlier in the year with a trailer full of potatoes. Maybe someone should just set up a ketchup stand along the freeway. We’re sure they’ll make a killing.

Sorry, we just had to get that ketchup one in.



There’s Literally a River in Scotland Flowing with Whiskey


More than 6000 liters of whisky was let loose into Scotland’s River Ayr. Apparently, a road tanker carrying 27, 500 liters of the spirit was ordered via computer to pump into the wrong vat, resulting in an overspill into the roadway by the river.

Before you book a one-way flight to Scotland or assume this is the next destination for Holy Ship (!!!) — oh, we know you –environmental groups are already on deck making sure this doesn’t happen again. Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse Limited was fined £12,000 (US $20,000) for the mishap and polluting the river. Procurator fiscal Sara Shaw chided the company, telling STV News: “The risk of pollution of the river should have been one of the considerations at the forefront of the company’s policies.”

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