For The First Time Ever, Mountain Dew Is Offering SPIKED Lemonade

We’ve seen tons of Mountain Dew variations over the years, from their most recent Black Label all the way back to the early days of Taco Bell’s exclusive Baja Blast. Let’s also not forget the Moonshine version a few years back.

In their latest iteration of product, Mountain Dew just announced the release of a brand new line of beverages from the PepsiCo brand where it includes their first foray into the world of spiked lemonade.

The two new Mtn Dew Spiked Lemonade drinks are primarily made with crushed lemons, sugar, and a shot of prickly pear cactus juice. It will also be available in two flavors: lemonade and raspberry.

Sadly, they’re non-alcoholic. However, the whimsical design on the can gave us quite the chuckle as to why a non-alcoholic drink is called Spiked Lemonade. It features a cactus spine, or spike, going through a lemon. Thus creating “spiked” lemonade. Oh and remember the aforementioned prickly pear cactus juice? Yeah, that’s part of the spiked gimmick as well. Nice one, guys.

Joining the two new lemonade drinks will be Mtn Dew Green Label and Mtn Dew White Label which will feature citrus and apple kiwi flavors, respectively. The new line of Mtn Dew beverages are available nationwide at participating grocery retailers.

All this Mountain Dew talk suddenly has us craving Taco Bell.


TGI Fridays Spikes Dinner Menu With Alcohol-Infused Dishes

TGI Fridays Spiked

TGI Fridays is getting a little boozier with their dinner menu and we’re always down for that. The restaurant chain has announced the addition of a new line of dishes infused with your favorite spirits. They’re calling them Spiked Plates.

The restaurant’s $10 Spiked Plate offerings include Bourbon Barrel Chicken and Bourbon Barrel Sirloin, both served over a bourbon-infused wood plank. The Hard Cider Half Rack Ribs feature slow-cooked baby back ribs basted with a hard giver glaze and a Sriracha rub. Finally, the Jack Stacked Burger boasts melted sharp cheddar, onion bacon jam, Asiago and Parmesan and a Jack Daniel’s glaze.

Boozy appetizers also include Pretzels with Beer Cheese and Boneless Wings with Cider Glaze for $5.

You know what would go great with all these alcoholic entrees? Probably more booze.