Photorealist Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Paintings of Snacks and Comics


I have a tremendous respect for photorealist painters. To capture on a canvas what many people fail to capture through a photo takes incredible talent. When I discovered Doug Bloodworth created a series of paintings combining two of my favorite loves, he immediately jump shot to the top of my list of artists.

Through oil-based paintings, Bloodworth formed a theme of vintage snacks paired with old-school comics and funny books. The Florida painter definitely knows how to hit the nostalgia bone.

Using grids and a blank canvas, each piece can take Bloodworth more than two months to complete. The end product, however, is absolutely worth the time spent. Check out some of his paintings below.

Comics-Snacks-Quik-PeteComics-Snacks-Angel-PeteComics-Snacks-Pie-PeteComics-Snacks-Hulk Comics-Snacks-WonderWoman-Pete Comics-Snacks-Superman-Pete

Picthx Doug Bloodworth


Here Are Some Very Good Reasons to Want a Hidden Spiderman at the Bottom of Your Wedding Cake


Sticking a toy Spidey underneath pounds of handmade flower fondant and strawberry rose-water butter cream might not seem like a good idea as you’re scrolling through your 15th DIY Wedding Inspiration Pinterest board and watching re-runs of Say Yes to the Dress — but hear me out.

After all, there’s something strangely whimsical about a Hidden Spiderman Wedding Cake. Something that says, “I’m more than just a pretty dress and adorable hand-decorated mason jars, goddammit. I’m also a huge nerd. I’m a DIY-ing NERD!”

See for yourself:




Just remember, with great power comes yadda yadda yadda, f-ck the police, and while everyone’s off getting married, Spidey will just be sitting here masturbating.

H/T + Picthx Neatorama 


No More Poison Spider-Pizzas for Swiss Restaurant

If you’ve been trying to figure out the best, most painless way to get some arachnid-based superpowers for yourself, you can now safely rule out “pizza toppings” as an option. Experimental chef Ismail Ertekin’s latest creation, a pie topped with the venoms of spiders, scorpions and snakes, has now officially been banned from sale by Swiss health officials.

According to Gawker, the Zurich-based chef “crossed the line” by adding “medicinal products” to his food.

Extracted from homeopathic remedies, Ertekin’s ingredients might actually not be as deathly toxic as they sound. “Preservatives in foods are much more damaging than my poison pizzas,” Ertekin explained—a fair claim, considering additives as dull-sounding as sodium nitrate have been linked to causing colon cancer.

Ertekin made a similar claim a few months ago regarding the health benefits of his pizzas topped with edible 24 karat gold. “Gold is one of the oldest medical treatments in the history of mankind. Gold can really help the immune system,” he said. He also argued that his newest poison pies were quite popular with customers, who would use them to get over phobias of the creepy-crawlies.

Despite the ban, there have been no reports thus far of the pizza’s dangerous side-effects nor of masked vigilantes swinging through Europe. Guess the world’s would-be superheroes will just have to continue wishing they were at Comic-Con and sneaking into top-secret labs.

[via Gawker, croatiantimes]


Classy Uncle Ben’s Spiderman Joke

Oh, the genius of some Photoshoppers, foodies, film buffs and Internet Memers. For fans of the Spiderman movie series, this one should give you a chuckle. Poor Peter Parker, he never saw that punch line coming. Maybe Peter should stick to being the subject of these ridiculously nostalgic Spiderman Comic Book Cookie Cutter Molds instead of front-and-center on one of his boss’ rude jokes?


Image Credit: imgur


Spider-Man Pancakes Pan

As a kid I never really got into superheroes, but if I had to choose one to be it would probably be Spiderman. Flying is cool and all but swinging would make me feel like tarzan which would be rad. This pan would have been perfect to have after watching all three Spiderman movies on tv the other day. It’s weird though the pan is non-stick and that isn’t very spidy-esk. (Thx IncredibleThings)


Video of the Day: Kid Spiderman Happy Meal Commercial