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Starbucks Customers Freak Out As Spider-Man Swings Down To Grab His Coffee

If you were at a coffee shop and a spider came down from the ceiling, you’d probably freak out. If you were at a coffee shop and Spider-Man came down from the ceiling, you’d still freak out, but once you collected yourself, you’d realize that something awesome just happened.

In efforts to promote the new Spider-Man: Homecoming film, Sony pulled a prank on unsuspecting customers at a New York Starbucks.

Using the movie’s stuntman, Chris Silcox, the “Web Slinger” was hanging out inside the coffee shop’s ceiling, with a harness strapped around him, ready to let him drop down and greet the customers.

No, the baristas didn’t mess up anyone’s name. When the employees at the bar yelled out, “Grande Cold Brew for Spider-Man” it was literally a grande Cold Brew for Spider-Man.

As you can imagine, people freaked out as Spidey suddenly appeared above them to grab his drink. Eventually, the New Yorkers calmed down and enjoyed the moment.

Even though there were hidden cameras carefully set up throughout the Starbucks getting crystal clear shots of the Spider-Man, rumor has it J. Jonah Jameson was still not pleased, and low-balled Peter Parker for the footage.


Photorealist Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Paintings of Snacks and Comics


I have a tremendous respect for photorealist painters. To capture on a canvas what many people fail to capture through a photo takes incredible talent. When I discovered Doug Bloodworth created a series of paintings combining two of my favorite loves, he immediately jump shot to the top of my list of artists.

Through oil-based paintings, Bloodworth formed a theme of vintage snacks paired with old-school comics and funny books. The Florida painter definitely knows how to hit the nostalgia bone.

Using grids and a blank canvas, each piece can take Bloodworth more than two months to complete. The end product, however, is absolutely worth the time spent. Check out some of his paintings below.

Comics-Snacks-Quik-PeteComics-Snacks-Angel-PeteComics-Snacks-Pie-PeteComics-Snacks-Hulk Comics-Snacks-WonderWoman-Pete Comics-Snacks-Superman-Pete

Picthx Doug Bloodworth


These Epic Banana Sculptures are Amazing and Definitely Good For You

Horse Alien Spidey DVC00286 Bart DVC00108

H/T RocketNews 24


Top 6 Instagram Food Photos This Week [06/20/12] + Bonus

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you week 3 of Foodbeast’s Top 6 Instagram Food Photos. I’m starting to see some more pictures that are tagged with #FOODBEAST, so keep it up if you are, and get on it if you aren’t!

Here’s our top 6 plus a bonus at the end.


1. Smoked Lobster & Salmon Ruben

This one is for #FOODBEAST smoked lobster and salmon Ruben — @slapfishchef


2. Instagram Cake

#foodbeast — @jackiebmorin


3. Ice Cream Afternoon

2 ice creameries and AYCE shabu shabu with ice cream at the end. Happy Faturday! — @fonglt


4. Tater Tots

tina, you fat tard. friggin’ idiot! — @justsomedude_


5. Sushi

#sam #universalstudios #rocks #rocks#water #red #rocks £ M — @makeupfaceart


6. Wall of Macarons



Here’s a little bonus picture for the week! This one was too amusing to pass up on, and I’m sure a lot of FOODBEASTS and foodies can relate.

Spider-Man Meets Instagram

Spidey wanted to take a pic of his food just so he could use the hashtag#foodporn — @thespideyman


Spider-Man Apron

New York Comic-Con Starts today!  In honor of this event, I’d like to share this spiffy Spider-Man apron with you.  While it’s probably too late to order one as a last-minute costume, you can wear it to tingle the spidey-senses and tastebuds of everyone who enjoys your cooking.

I have to admit, I am sometimes jealous of my Southern California-dwelling FOODBEAST counterparts.  Not only do they get to enjoy that lovely SoCal weather, and have access to the fabulous Orange County Fair, but they live a stone’s throw away from San Diego, home of the largest comic convention in America.  Like many geeks, I hope I will someday be able to nerd out at San Diego Comic-Con International.

But this weekend, New Yorkers get their own slice of the geeky pie, as New York Comic-Con takes over the Javits Center for four days.  For those of you not able to get your nerd on at Comic-con this weekend, please accept this apron as consolation. ($20.95 @ Neatoshop)

And check out some of our previously featured comic-themed food products: Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie CuttersMarvel Superheroes Cakelet PanDC Pint Glasses, and Super Hero Spatulas.


Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters

If for some reason you have trouble getting your kids to eat those home-baked cookies of yours, you might want to look into these Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters. With these double-sided cutters, you’ll be able to transform your cookie dough into custom comic books. The set is complete with superheroes, villains and words from the Marvel™ universe.

To create your own cookie, you just arrange your favorite stamps on the dough, combining characters, pictures and colors, and you’ll be eating pages out of classic Spider-Man comics in no time. ($19.95 @ Williams-Sonoma)

Scrapbook Kit includes:

  • 1 comic book cover cutter/stamp.
  • Spider-Man shooting-web stamp.
  • Spider-Man swinging stamp.
  • Green Goblin stamp.
  • Dr. Octopus stamp.
  • 1 double-sided dialogue stamp with “CRASH!” on one side and “THWAP!! on the other.
  • 1 double-sided dialogue stamp with “WAHOO!” on one side and “GO WEB GO!” on the other.