This Massive Spider Crab Left Its Group To Chase A Scuba Diver And The Footage Is Terrifying

There are only five things I’m terrified of on this planet, three I’ll share with you right now: Jeff Goldblum’s Brundle-Fly, crippling loneliness , and the vast undiscovered depths of the sea.

Denizens of the deep, like these spider crabs, are probably just crustaceans trying to hustle in this underwater world of theirs. Still doesn’t make the footage you’re about to see any less terrifying.

A video posted by Pink Tank Scuba captures a group of enormous spider crabs scuttling across the ocean floor. One of the crabs notices the scuba diver and leaves the group to confront the diver head on.

Check out the unnerving footage, in high definition, as the creature cuddles up to the cameraman.

Luckily, the entire cast of crabs didn’t follow suit. Now that would have been an experience that would have chilled me to my core.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watching Hundreds Of Spider Crabs Tear Apart An Octopus Is Terrifying

There are untold horrors that can be found leagues under the ocean. Whether it’s hungry clams emerging from the beach, or a sand striker preying on some fish, we should always respect and fear what lies beneath… no matter how delicious seafood can be.

One particular video, captured by a diver, featured hundreds of spider crabs fighting over a poor octopus like it was the last piece of prime rib at an under-stocked buffet.

Watching this makes us want to reconsider any scuba diving excursions in the the near future, that’s for sure.

Elite Daily reports that the spider crabs migrate to Australia’s Port Phillip Bay in the early summer. The long journey left the crabs starving and ready to devour any creature in their way.

Definitely not a video for the squeamish. Or octopus lovers.

If that doesn’t rattle your bones, here’s some footage of thousands of spider crabs molting at the bottom of the ocean floor. Freaked out yet?