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The Spiciest Curry On Earth Must Be Prepared With Gas Masks [WATCH]

A good, spicy curry should be able to make your forehead glisten like the wet rocks along a coast as the morning sun gently touches their surfaces. S0 imagine how drenched you’ll get when your lips touch the fiery overtures of the world’s spiciest bowl of curry.

YouTuber Strictly Dumpling visits Brick Lane Curry, home of what’s said to be the world’s spiciest curry.

Made with Carolina Reaper peppers, chefs have to actually throw on a GAS MASK in order to prepare the dish. Originally, the dish was prepared with habanero peppers, but has gotten a reboot over the years with the reapers.

Like most food challenges, the consumer has to sign a waiver giving consent to any health problems that may occur from such a devilish dish.

We’re sweating just watching him attempt this feat.

Brick Curry has two locations, one in New York and one in New Jersey. You can find the Carolina Reaper Curry at the Jersey location.

Obviously, try it at your own risk.

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How To Make Nashville Hot Chicken At Home [WATCH]

There’s something about Nashville Hot Chicken we can’t put our finger on. The salty crunch from the skin, the flesh that oozes with juice the moment you bite down, and the sweat-inducing heat that wakes your very soul up with excitement.

With only a handful of reputable spots that actually make the mouthwatering style of chicken in our area, it’s pretty difficult to get our Hot Chicken fix without having to stand hours in line.

Luckily, YouTuber’s HellthyJunkFood decided to show us how to make Nashville Hot Chicken from the convenience of your own kitchen. With some help from fellow YouTubers Dudes N Space, the duo set out to create this hot ticket piece of poultry.

While they decided to do chicken breast tenders for some reason, we assume the process is exactly the same for bone-in chicken pieces.

Check out their recipe in the video above. Not gonna lie, this looks pretty damn good. Going to have to follow this recipe to the “T” to see if it tastes as good, too.

Hit-Or-Miss Tastemade/Snapchat

Try Not To Get Burned By The World’s 10 Hottest Peppers


Whether you’re one who claims to have an “iron stomach” or someone who can’t resist a good dare, you may have indulged in some hot peppers before.

No matter how much of a daredevil you are, these peppers are a delicacy to be wary of. While some set your mouth aflame, or provoke tears, some can even send you straight to the hospital.

So without further ado here is the list of the hottest, baddest peppers in town. Enjoy if you dare.

***SHU = Scoville Heat Unit (measure of spiciness)


10. Red Savina Habanero


Photo: Super Hot Chilies

Back in the day, this pepper was noted for its extreme spiciness. It was considered one of the hottest with a SHU of 500,000. Those days are long gone, however, and there are a number of peppers that have surpassed it.

I’d still be careful if I were you, though…


9. 7 Pot Red

Photo: Chilli Seedz

Just one step above the Red Savina Habanero is a pepper that is already DOUBLE it’s SHU. With a measurement of 1,000,000, this pepper received its name due to its ability to heat up 7 whole pots of stew.

Now that’s hot.


8. 7 Pot Barrackpore


Photo: Eat More Heat

Stemming from the same family of the 7 Pot Red, this pepper is just a bit hotter. Hailing from Trinidad, this pepper is regaled in the region as one of the “super hots.”


7. Bhut Jolokia


Photo: The Gilmour Family Website

Lovingly known as the “Ghost Pepper,” the Bhut Jolokia is arguably the most famous hot pepper. Though still insanely hot, it is a far cry from the world’s hottest pepper. It seemed to have received so much mainstream attention due to a viral Youtube challenge where brave souls filmed themselves eating the pepper (and, of course, regretting it).


6. Naga Viper


Photo: The Storypedia

With a SHU of 1,349,000, this is one hot pepper. Cultivated in the United Kingdom, the Naga Viper is extremely rare. It was never fully stabilized so there are a wide variety of strains.

But all are extremely spicy.


5. Trinidad Scorpion Butch T


Photo: Volcanic Peppers

Back in 2011, this crazy hot pepper used to hold the Guinness World Record. It has since been surpassed, but don’t underestimate it.


4. 7 Pot Primo


Photo: NRJ Spice

Boasting a SHU of 1,469,000, this still isn’t even the hottest 7 Pot strain. Many pepper cultivators have tried to replicate this pepper’s shape with its very distinctive long, skinny stem.


3. 7 Pot Douglah


Photo: The Hot Pepper

THIS is the hottest 7 Pot pepper. It has an unbelievable SHU of 1,853,936 and is known as having one of the best flavors. It’s often purchased dried or in a powder.


2. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion


Photo: Paradoxoff Planet

The runner up for hottest pepper in the world is the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. With a SHU of 2,009,231 this pepper could easily cause anyone to fall to their knees. Extremely rare, when one takes a bite the heat never seems to dissipate.


1. Carolina Reaper


Photo: Seeds For Africa

And the pepper claiming the esteemed title of hottest in the world goes to none other than the Carolina Reaper. Ranked by the Guinness World Record, this pepper has an astonishing SHU of 2,200,000! This pepper was designed to be scorching as it is a cross between a Pakistani Naga and a Red Habanero.

I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you try any of these, at least get it on video.


This Scoutmaster Crushes 23 Ghost Peppers To Raise Money For His Troop

Capsaicin is a hell of a poison. The chemical is a huge element in ghost pepper, the red hot chili that’s inspired countless Ghost Pepper Challenges across the Internet. To put the heat in perspective, one pepper is said to be 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

In one of the newest Ghost Pepper Challenges, Assistant Scoutmaster Johnny from Troop 137 of Fredricksburg, TX, conquers 23 ghost peppers in an insane video no young boy scout should try to emulate.

There’s a pretty noble reason behind his madness, however. The Scoutmaster isn’t doing the challenge for pride, or shock value. Each share the video gets takes the troop one step closer to raising some much-needed funds for scholarships, uniforms, and trips.

Watch as he crushes the 23 peppers one by one as he fills his body with the stomach churning poison. More than 24 hours after this challenge, Johnny is still sick and in bed recovering from the ordeal. Dude’s lucky to be alive, and he must really care about those kids to do that to his body.

If you’re interested in helping the scouts out, more information can be found in the video’s description.

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A Look At Nashville Hot Chicken & Other Spicy Food Trends This Year


Global warming aside, 2016 was a pretty hot year. To clarify, it’s been a pretty spicy year. We’ve witnessed a huge surge in the spicy foods trend recently and couldn’t be happier to see people appreciating the heat.

There’s nothing like a peppery plate to get your sweat glands going and your senses on high-alert. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening these last 12 months.

Hot Cheetos Everywhere

Everyone and their mothers have been using Hot Cheetos as a secret ingredient in their recipes this year. Actually, the fiery corn snack has been in the spotlight for a couple of years now, but they’re still going strong. Arguably the hottest and easiest to find of commercial chips, these pepper dusted snacks are the guilty pleasure treats to many patrons.

You can pretty much toss these crimson corn puffs on anything and it’ll be considered trendy. Case in point:

Spicy Challenges

A pretty sizable amount of YouTube videos and Facebook Live Streams have featured some form of spicy food challenge this year.

We even got fellow Foodbeast Elie to try FOUR Carolina Reaper Chips from Paqui. The fiery pepper-encrusted snack food is so spicy that it only comes in a serving of one. It also doesn’t help that the packaging is in the shape of a coffin.

Spicy food challeneges weren’t limited to chips though. In fact, many spots had their own champion in the world of heat.

Fellow Foodbeast Reach Guinto and Wally Vu recently went to Koreatown to try Ddukbokki, a dish of rice cakes made with the fabled Ttangcho pepper, known as the spiciest pepper in all of Korea.

Heck, even the hand-roll spot down the street from our office has a mega-spicy tuna roll for the bravest of patrons. According to Reach, however, it was nowhere near as hot as the Ddukbokki.

Nashville Hot Chicken


Nashville hot chicken started off as a Tennessee staple. The iconic dish was rumored to have been created in the 1930s as a means of revenge on a womanizer who was expecting a breakfast of fried chicken. What the man didn’t expect was that it was cooked with extra hot pepper, which he was shockingly delighted by.

The dish itself features cuts of chicken marinated in a liquid-based (water or buttermilk) blend of seasoning that’s fried, floured, and bearded. Once it’s out of the fryer, a sauce featuring cayenne pepper is added to the piping hot chicken and served with pickle chips and slices of white bread.

Now, hot chicken has commercially spread across the states and folks are LOVING it (myself included). Even fast food spots like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Carl’s Jr began serving Nashville Hot Chicken and Nashville Hot Chicken sandwiches, pickle chips and all.


For those who aren’t down for fast food imitations – though KFC’s version is pretty damn tasty – hit up Howlin’ Ray’s (for those in the Los Angeles area), which usually boasts an hour-long line if you’re lucky.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in Nashville, you probably have a better idea where to get your hands on some quality hot chicken.

Why So Spicy?


There could be a number of reasons why spicy foods have been on the up and up this year. People’s palates have possibly grown accustomed to the heat and are eager to test their boundaries with every new “hot” dish they try.

What’s more, spicy foods are a way for eaters to come together and socialize over the idea of trying something scary and exciting. The adrenaline rush of not knowing how your body will handle the heat can be exhilarating for some people, while others will just succumb to peer pressure just to be a part of the culture.

The pride of being able to handle spicy dishes better than your friends can also play a major role in why “spicy challenges” are trending more and more. Sometimes, it’s just nice to know you can take the heat better than your colleagues.

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Wendy’s Newest Chicken Sandwich Is All Sriracha Everything


It seems Sriracha is ready for a major comeback. The iconic spicy red sauce has been featured in quite a few dishes and food trends over the years, yet has waned some as of late. However, Wendy’s newest menu item triples down on the chili garlic sauce by incorporating it three different times in one sandwich.

The Spicy Sriracha Chicken Sandwich boasts a spicy chicken filet, Sriracha Jack Cheese, a dollop of Sriracha aioli, thick-cut Applewood Smoked bacon, and is served on a Sriracha infused bun.

Honestly, it sounds like one spicy sandwich.

New Bacon Sriracha Fries will also be added to the menu for a limited time. These natural-cut sea salt potato pieces are topped with creamy Sriracha aioli, bacon, and a cheddar cheese sauce. Looks like the chain went full sriracha on this one.

Expect to see an official announcement from Wendy’s early next week, though you can find the new items now at participating Wendy’s locations.

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KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken Is LIT, Now Available Nationwide


A few months back, I tried Nashville Hot Chicken for the first time. As a newcomer to that style of spicy fried chicken, the fiery experience brought tears to my eyes. I just couldn’t touch them with my fingers. But despite the challenging level of spice, the chicken was flat out delicious.

Since then, I’ve been chasing that incredible taste.

Kentucky Fried Chicken announced that they are rolling out nationwide with their version of the iconic Nashville dish. The meal comes in either crispy fried chicken, extra crispy chicken tenders, a sandwich, or chicken wings that are glazed with KFC’s Nashville Hot sauce. The chicken is also served with pickles to score true in authenticity.

Upon hearing this news, I was torn between joy and skepticism. A commercial take on such a distinguished dish couldn’t end well, right?


I decided to grab some for Foodbeast’s resident fried chicken enthusiast and connoisseur of spice Reach, who had this to say about the fast food variation:

I mean, I haven’t eaten KFC in years, but I’m not mad at all with this Nashville Hot Chicken. It’s surprisingly tasty.

It was amazing at how good the chicken actually came out. We had the Colonel’s Extra Crispy was tossed in “Nashville Hot Chicken” sauce. There was a fair amount of heat and just a lick of sweetness to the fried chicken that actually worked, despite my reservations.

Not bad KFC. Not bad at all.

You can find the chicken at participating KFC locations nationwide. An order costs about $5.49 depending on the region you’re in.

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Watch These Guys Throw The World’s Hottest Peppers On Hot Cheetos And Eat Them

It seems the latest food trend is something a lot hotter than rainbow-colored food. In fact, folks are challenging themselves left and right to see if they can handle the heat of the spiciest peppers around.

YouTuber Marlin and his cousin wanted to create an even spicier variation of Hot Cheetos and see how many they could eat. In doing so, he decided to grab some of the hottest peppers on the planet.

The hopped up of Hot Cheetos are dusted with a seasoning of Scorpion peppers, Carolina Reapers, 7 Pot Doughla, and Carribbean blend pepper seeds. The spices boast a combined total of around 5.5 million Scoville units of heat.

To enhance the experience a little more, they also raid their kitchen pantry for spices like red pepper flakes, paprika, chili powder, and regular black pepper. Might as well go all out, right?

Once all the peppers are evenly crushed and blended, the Cheetos are mixed in thoroughly and ready to eat.

After all the hype, the dudes ate two each. The rest of the video features them screaming, puking, and drinking milk.

Check out their insane DIY Hot Cheetos video. Definitely do not try this at home, kids.