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Wokcano’s Monkey Brain Sushi Roll Is Truly Insane

In a society driven by innovation, not even food is safe. So, it’s easy to see how the brilliant culinary minds at Wokcano, who have been serving Asian-inspired cuisine in Southern California since 2009, have used their collective gastronomic intelligence to dream up their latest item — The Monkey Brain.  

While Wokcano’s newest menu item isn’t exactly what it sounds like, the concept behind the naming convention seems to fit the primary characteristics. Named after its visual presentation, Wokcano’s Monkey Brain contains sliced avocado, crab meat, and spicy tuna, fried in tempura batter, and topped with a spicy eel sauce.

While its name might turn a few heads — the Monkey Brain can only be found at Wokcano at MainPlace Mall.

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Lurk. Lurk. Lurk. Lurk enough blogs you’ll find enough awesome food to fill you for a lifetime. Blogs truly is watching. The design team over at Triumvir clothing had lunch at Tabento in Costa Mesa, CA, and this is one of the rolls they picked up. We’re looking at a Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll devied up on 5 individual mini dishes served on a boat platter. When eating great sushi, presentation is almost as important as the taste itself. Almost.

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