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Watch This Dude Freak Out After Eating World’s Spiciest ‘Death’ Ramen

Recently, we posted a video of some dude dunking himself in a bathtub filled with hot-sauce and whole peppers. Although, the legitimacy of that video came into question after people began wondering if it was really hot sauce and not tomato juice. Either way, it still looked like an excruciating experience.

Actually, after watching YouTuber Awesome Eats try the spiciest Indomie noodles in the world, the hot sauce bath tub looked like child’s play. Made with 100 bird’s eye chilies, this plate of ramen is so spicy that the restaurant, Abang Adek, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, lists it as “Mampus”, which translates to “Death.”

This noodle dish holds the record for the spiciest ramen on the planet, according to the video.

There is clearly a level of fear in this challenge, as there should be when consuming something marketed as “death.” Still, Awesome Eats dives in head first and regrets every second after. Despite his clear physical distress, it’s pretty comical to watch the agonizing process.

First the clothes come off. Pretty sure he’s in his undershirt and boxers at one point.

Quickly, followed by cold liquids.

A lot of cold liquids.

Then comes the shower — inside the restaurant.

“Of all the feelings I’ve had in my life, this is the worst.” — Awesome Eats

Even though we would highly discourage taking on this challenge yourself, we have to applaud the efforts behind the man brave enough to attempt something of this nature. It’s not every day you’re able to say you ate “death” noodles and lived to tell the tale.

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