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McDonald’s Korea Set to Debute a Spicy Mac and Cheese Burger

McDonald’s US really needs to stop playin’ with us American diners, while they’re out releasing fire menu items for their international menus. While we’re stuck with the usual fare — I stay befuddled at how The Golden Arches loves to play it safe in the the States — they’re out in Korea debuting things like a Spicy Mac and Cheese Burger.

This. This is what Americans want, too, McDonald’s. The Spicy Mac and Cheese Burger is a winner already as it features a fried chicken breast patty that’s topped with a cayenne pepper-spiced mac and cheese that’s made with Grana Padano and cheddar cheese. They even threw in some crispy bacon to complete the dream scenario.

The Spicy Mac and Cheese Burger will be available à la carte or as part of a set October 28-November 24, at McDonald’s locations in Korea.