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Jelly Belly’s Carolina Reaper Jelly Beans Might Be As Spicy As The Actual Chili

Jelly Belly just launched a new “Beanboozled” challenge, but instead of making you pick between gross and delicious flavors, you’re instead subjected to a gauntlet of spice that some chili fanatics would even struggle to finish.

The jelly bean specialists have created the “Fiery Five” challenge, a pack of jelly beans that comes with Sriracha, Jalapeno, Cayenne, Habanero, and Carolina Reaper flavors. You can try to progress upwards in terms of spice if you like, but there’s also a game and an app that come with the launch where you can play spicy jelly bean roulette with your friends.

I had the chance to try this during its debut at the recent Winter Fancy Foods Show. Rather than go for all five to try the flavors, I decided to go straight for the Carolina Reaper chili to see how spicy it was.

As you can see from the above tweet, that was probably the worst decision possibly, since the Reaper jelly bean packs some real heat to it.

Jelly Belly was unable to provide the Scoville Heat ratings at the time, but coming off of sampling one of the world’s hottest tasting menus, I’d say that the Reaper jelly bean is easily over 1 million Scoville. It tasted at least as hot as a true ghost chili, with the potential for even more heat than that.

Jelly Belly’s Fiery Five challenge is coming to stores in February, but you can order it online right now if you want to try it immediately. Be warned, though: the Reaper comes back at you HARD.

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Can Your Squad Survive This Insane Death Taco Roulette Challenge?

WARNING: The following spicy challenge may kill all of your tastebuds, and will probably cause division amongst your friends.

If you choose to accept this challenge, then grab nine of your best buds and head over to GenkiYaki in Lakewood, California for a true test of your will and friendships. It comes in the form of the “Reverse Death Taco Roulette,” a spicy squad-centered challenge that will leave one person feeling lucky and everyone else resenting that friend for the rest of the night.

Here’s how it goes down: 10 tacos are presented to you and your compadres all at once. One of these tacos is an innocent “Ninja Taco” that contains no heat. The other nine contain a sauce that burns like the depths of hell and nearly killed two of our own Foodbeasts in the past. Peep the video below to revisit that level of pain.

Now, according to YouTube channel This Is Mythical, the fiery Death Sauce that laces these street eats dials in at 100,000 Scoville units, which is milder than a habanero pepper but about 50 times the heat of Sriracha. Judging by the reactions of our own Foodbeast members and the people who tried the tacos in the This Is Mythical video, that’s an extremely low estimate of just how fiery this is.

If you’re ready to play with the heat, jump on in with your friends and see who survives this trial of fire unscathed. And if you are the survivor, be a good sport and finish off somebody else’s spicy taco. Sharing the pain in tough times is what true friends do, after all.


I Ate 4 Of The World’s Spiciest Tortilla Chip And Lived To Tell About It [WATCH]

Spicy challenges have proliferated the Interwebs, though I’ve traditionally avoided them at all costs. One day last week I got to work and there was a stack of small red coffin-shaped boxes on my desk… looks like my time to do a spicy challenge had come.

It was a package from Paqui Chips, a chip producer that had recently announced the world’s hottest tortilla chip called “Fear the Reaper,” a chip laced with Carolina Reaper pepper, and apparently is so hot and gimmicky it arrives in a single triangle, condom-lookin’ package.

I hadn’t seen any of the other reaction videos online, we just jumped downstairs and tried them:


One of our staff writers, Izzy, wrote about the above video earlier yesterday from his perspective, sitting comfortably some 10 feet away from me, behind-the-camera, the entire time. He was giggly and I even overheard him legitimately mutter that he was only tuning in to watch me potentially die (thanks, Izz).

At first taste the chip is a dry heat, imagine doing a spicy version of a cinnamon challenge and you’ll have the experience involved with eating the “Fear the Reaper” chip. “It’s not pleasant” would be an understatement as the heat lingers longer than other challenges. My mouth became Saharan dusty, my throat suddenly a home for this new unwelcome pain.

And then I had another. And another. And before I put down my fourth, my mouth was in a world of hurt reminiscent of my bottom lip being slammed between two college textbooks.

My tongue began to throb in unison with every beat of my heart. Luckily, roughly thirty minutes after the challenge, most of the pain had subsided. The work day wrapped, I drove home, then went to bed, with most of the pain in my memories. I didn’t think a thing of it as I drifted off to sleep.

My alarm, normally set for 6am every morning, was of no use to me the following day. At precisely 4:13am my stomach woke me up with cramps reminiscent of my insides attempting to crush themselves. Apparently those “Fear the Reaper” chips were still lingering from the day before.

For those of you wondering how the “day after” feels, well, it doesn’t feel good. It hurts. It jolts you into a painful consciousness, reminding you to never do it again.

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It Was Lit: We Tried To Conquer The #KTOWNSPICYCHALLENGE

“Dude, I heard there’s this dish here in Koreatown, at this joint called Yup Dduk, that claims to be the spiciest in Los Angeles. They call it the KTown Spicy Challenge or something.”

My buddy Mike, who runs the @Koreatown Instagram handle, piqued my interest immediately with this little tidbit. If there’s anybody that knows KTown well, it was him.

When it comes to spicy food, my tongue’s threshold is that of any average mortal, with a sensitivity that likes to call it quits once it hits habanero territory. I can handle spicy food just fine, but really, I’ve never been the type to go out of my way to put myself through any sort of punishment, especially when it comes to eating. So for me to even consider putting my trusty palate through unprecedented levels of heat speaks more to my dangerous curiosity than anything.

They say its the spiciest dish in L.A., eh? Hmm, bet. I mean how bad could it actually be, right?

I enlisted the help of my good friend Wally, a well-versed foodbeast in his own right, to help me tackle the daunting task that is the #KTOWNSPICYCHALLENGE.

Pandora’s Box opened up at the corner of 6th and Normandie, in the heart of Los Angeles’ Koreatown, the location of Yup Dduk. Its specific contents? A gigantic bowl of veritable magma. Peep the fiery deets: Korean rice cakes (ddukbokki), ramen noodles, sausages, fish cake, cheese, and a lethal helping of the spiciest pepper in all of Korea, the Ttangcho pepper.


At first bite, the Ttangcho introduced itself to me assertively, smacking sense into all my left brain function, letting me know that yes, curiosity always kills cats, and that I was now clinging to just a few of those proverbial nine lives from here on out.  I’m re-thinking all known reason at this point.

But Diddy would be proud, because there ain’t no bitchassedness in these dudes. I shoveled in more of the molten lava, willing myself to go on. Each bite felt like tongue-kissing the devil while riding Rapidash bareback.

Yet to be pummeled by wave after wave of the spicy ddukbokki was quickly taking it’s toll. I look over at Wally and manage to blurt out half-meant encouragement.

“Yeah, we got 2% done bruh.” Wally’s deadpan delivery let some of that realness sink in: Ttangcho ain’t going nowhere but right through us. We were both sweating like two pigs on a spit, rotating closer and closer to our expected demise. The end was near, and were it not for a few rallying comments from our awesome viewers of this spectacle’s livestream, then our fates would have been sealed a lot quicker.

Wally and I tapped out nearly 30 minutes later, spirits singed, tongues wagging, scorched earth left in the wake of the #KTOWNSPICYCHALLENGE. It claimed two more lives that day, business as usual for L.A.’s spiciest dish.



Location: Yup Dduk LA, 3603 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020