Fast Food

Pizza Hut’s New Plan Is To Focus On Convenience Instead Of Quality


Last year, Pizza Hut put all their effort into making customizable pizzas that suited each customer’s needs. You could choose between a variety of different toppings, crust flavors, sauces and even drizzles. Now, it looks like Pizza Hut will flip it all around and focus on convenience rather than quality.

The New York Times reports that Pizza Hut will be working to make their pies easier to buy for customers. Because “easy” beats “better,” it seems.

Inspired by Uber’s model, Yum Brands chief executive Greg Creed told investors that he now believes convenience trumps quality. Creed wants to make sure that pies coming from Pizza Hut will be easy to pay for, easy to make and easy to keep track of. The pizza brand will probably begin focusing their efforts on mobile ordering as well as delivery this year.