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Watermelon Oreo Cookies Are Real, Mark The Official Start To Summer


Few things scream summer quite like watermelon. Cool, refreshing and – not to mention – light on calories, it’s the perfect guilt-free summertime treat. But how would something so fresh and so watery translate into solid cookie-form?

Fairly well, apparently. Following in the footsteps of Oreo’s other wildly popular limited time flavors like Candy Corn, Gingerbread and Birthday Cake, the new Watermelon flavor features a vanilla-flavored cookie and a faint, not-overbearing, Bubblicious/Jolly Rancher-esque cream filling. Blogger Matt of Dinosaur Dracula describes his surprise over the taste’s welcome subtlety:

“The problem with so many of these wild Oreo flavors is that they’re sickly sweet, to the point where the cream tastes like honey. Not regular honey, mind you. Not like, Stop & Shop honey hiding in a plastic bear […] Not these, though. […] If I can call 75 calories’ worth of pure fat ‘light,’ each of these cookies is light.” reports the treats are now available for $3 from Target, which means you should probably just head over, grab a pack and a bottle of Corona, and spend the day at the beach. Come on guys, these are Watermelon Oreos we’re talking about. Like suffering through a gorgeous day in summer school, it’d almost be a crime to do anything otherwise.


H/T + Picthx Dinosaur Dracula