Introducing Absolut Tune, the Sparkling Wine and Vodka Remix

There’s been plenty of crazy news coming out of New Zealand lately, and between Lord of the Rings-inspired legal tender and a new vodka-infused NZ Sauvignon Blanc, it may be hard to decide which is cooler (Hobbit coins, definitely Hobbit coins). But the official U.S. release of Absolut Tune is probably a close second.

Originally marketed only as a limited-edition product in Australia back in 2011, Absolut Tune celebrated its U.S. launch party last Tuesday in New York City, and is, essentially, just a fancy-looking bubbly liquor. But for 14% ABV and $31.99 per bottle, it could also be your new favorite companion for the wee hours of December 20th.

How’s that for seasonal fare?