Scientists Finally Figured Out a Way to Drink Coffee in Space


Few things (we’re guessing) beat watching the sunrise over the earth from space. But apparently, those poor astronauts were missing one thing: a great espresso. So now the international space station is getting what it needs to make that happen, an espresso machine by the Italian coffee company Lavazza.

Turns out, a lot goes into space espresso. The “ISSpresso” machine needs to be pressurized to sea level, so the boiling temp of the water isn’t affected. The steam pipe is a steel tube capable of withstanding up to 400bar of pressure (normally, they need to wisthand about 9).  The espresso is made into a pouch, which the astronauts must drink through a straw.


No, it’s not as perfect as tossing it back in a gulp.  But hey, that’s progress for you right? And we think drinking an espresso with a view of the universe isn’t too bad a way to start one’s day.

H/T First We Feast