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Watch PETA Trick Pedestrians Into Drinking ‘Dog Milk’

PETA has been known to do some grimy things to get their point across, and once again, they really pissed off people with a gross social experiment.

The animal-loving activist group released a street video where they had London pedestrians try a new dairy product called “Barker’s Farmhouse Milk,” later telling the milk testers they were really consuming dog milk.

Of course, it wasn’t actually dog milk, it was soy milk, but they didn’t tell anyone that at the time of filming.

The carton was all white with black spots, which could be mistaken for cow print, but was probably intended to represent a Dalmatian. Clever sons of bitches.

They also had people try the milk in a “focus group” setting, getting people’s reactions and honest feedback on it.

By the end of the video, they told all the taste testers that they had actually just drank dog’s milk and as you can imagine, they were all pissed.

Then came the teaching moment, where they dramatically displayed a message that said, “Dog’s milk, cat’s milk, rat’s milk, cow’s milk, what’s the difference.”

After that, the world suddenly sympathized with vegans, food industry was forever changed, and people stopped thinking PETA’s just a bunch of assholes.

Wait, none of that happened, but at least PETA got a rise out of a few meat-eaters, and that’s all that matters, really.

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Starbucks Testing Coconut Milk as Non-Dairy Alternative


To all the lactose intolerant folk who don’t dig soy milk in their Caramel Frappuccinos, a new non-dairy alternative may become available soon.

Reuters reported that Starbucks is testing coconut milk in certain stores across Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Oregon.

Starbucks has offered soy milk as an alternative since 1997, and it is even organic to help ease the minds of those concerned about GMOs, but this is the first time they’ve ever tried using coconut milk.

If you’re wondering where almond milk stands in all of this, Starbucks has stayed away from testing the nutty, non-dairy alternative because of customers with allergies.

The days of just accepting regular milk in your coffee are long gone, as consumers are more savvy to healthier alternatives. Although Starbucks offers organic soy milk, 93 percent of soy beans in the United States are non-organic and genetically modified according to Silk. There was even a campaign launched asking Starbucks to only use organic, no-GMO milk in its products. So Starbucks has felt the pressure to change before.

Starbucks hasn’t said how many stores will be offering the coconut milk, but it’s cool to know they’re trying this kind of stuff.


This Painter Drinks Colored Milk then Throws it Up on Blank Canvases

Dear Readers: this is Millie Brown and here she is enjoying a glass of colored milk.


Now, this is where the pleasantries end. If you’re one of those people who get queasy at the mere thought of multicolored regurgitation, please refrain from reading. For everyone else, well, good luck.

Since 2007, the 27-year-old artist has been practicing “Nexus Vomitus.” The eccentric performance involves Brown drinking dyed soy milk and then vomiting it back out onto black canvases as opera singers provide musical accompaniment. Enchanting, isn’t it?





Before each live show, the eccentric performer starves herself for two days so that the milk doesn’t mix with anything else. “That way the only liquid that comes up is beautiful and of pure colour,” Brown told Daily Mail. The glasses of milk are then swallowed at timed intervals, in order to achieve the “pure” vomit color.

According to DailyMail, Brown’s controversial work has received positive recognition from critics likening her to Jackson Pollock, who gained fame and notoriety for his drip paintings. The proud vegan’s work has also been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and gained the attention of Lady Gaga, who featured the artist in a music video.

Below, Millie Brown’s feature with Lady Gaga and a solo performance.