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These Divine Nacho Fries Prove That More Southwest Restaurant Chains Should Sell Them

A few weeks ago, Taco Bell began testing out “Nacho Fries” in some locations, mixing together luxurious and warm nacho cheese with crispy, airy fries. It sounds like a winning combo, but it’s child’s play compared to this beastly plate of Nacho Cheese Fries.

The fries, which you can find at 375 Thrice-Cooked Fries in New York City, are a decadent piece of perfectly constructed heaven, as shown by the above video from our friends over at @brunchboys. Ideal for an overindulgent comfort meal or as some bomb drunk food to sober you up, nacho fries are a stroke of brilliance done by simply replacing the chips in OG nachos with some crispy spuds.

Come to think of it, why aren’t other places throwing down with fries more often? A huge food trend for 2017 has been putting just about everything on top of them, so it’s a shame we haven’t seen some Southwest quick-service chains like Chipotle or Qdoba utilizing fries. It would be a simple yet impactful addition to their menu boards, especially for Qdoba, who’s already got some fire queso to make this happen.

Maybe after they see how awesome 375’s next-level nacho fries are, Qdoba, Chipotle, and other chains like them will consider putting fries on their menu. I’d definitely eat at those spots more often if they did.