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Back In The ’90s, Burger King Fooled Customers With A ‘Left-Handed Whopper’

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April Fool’s Day is only a few days away and we can’t get over how awesome this tale from Burger King was. So back in the ’90s, Burger King ran a gag promotion that boasted a Whopper designed exclusively for left-handed people.

As reported by Time, the fast food burger chain ran a full-page ad in USA Today where they announced the Left-Handed Whopper back in 1998.

Burger King claimed that, in this burger, all the ingredients were rotated 180 degrees so that left-handed patrons could crush the hamburger with ease.

Left-handed customers actually stormed the castle gates hoping to get their hands on the modified burger even going as far as double checking their food in case they were mixed up with ones for right-handed customers. Guess it didn’t click that all round burgers were pretty much set for any type of hand orientation.

Not a bad April Fool’s prank at all. Nicely done, Burger King.

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