Man Chokes on Weiner and Dies


When you think of dangerous sports, you probably don’t think of hot dog eating contests, but a contestant in a 4th of July amateur hot dog eating contest in South Dakota died mid-contest.

Walter Eagle Tail, 47, was one of six contestants in the contest last Thursday, and began choking while participating. The man had CPR administered on him, but to no avail, as he was soon after taken to Custer Regional Hospital and pronounced dead.

Custer County Sheriffs said Eagle Tail had a hot dog lodged in his throat and despite the attempts to save him, he suffocated to death within minutes.

The  festivities were sponsored by the Custer Chamber of Commerce and organizers canceled the pie eating contest that was scheduled the next day. No one has been hurt at their prior events, but it is possible that they make changes to the events next year.

H/T Rapid City Journal