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Amarula Liqueur Is An Alcohol Company Donating Sales To Help Save African Elephants

Amarula, a South African cream liqueur, will donate $1 for every bottle sold in the United States to the non-profit organization, WildlifeDIRECT. The funds will support WildlifeDIRECT’s on-the-ground conservation efforts to protect African elephants.

The $1 donation per bottle component is one of many initiatives for the brand’s new global campaign, “Don’t Let Them Disappear,” which is aimed to raise awareness around the plight of the African elephant. The new campaign serves as a continuation of Amarula and WildlifeDIRECT’s ongoing partnership to help save African elephants.

Amarula and WildlifeDIRECT debuted the “Don’t Let Them Disappear” campaign on World Elephant Day (August 12), with an installation in NYC’s Union Square titled, “The Disappearing Elephant.” The public was invited to witness a life-sized ice sculpture of an African elephant melt in the summer heat, symbolizing the alarming rate at which the African elephant population is disappearing at the hands of poachers.

“We’re honored to continue partnering with WildlifeDIRECT on this crucially important initiative,” states JC Iglesias, Vice President of Marketing at Terlato Distell Artisan Spirits. “African elephants could literally disappear from the wild during our lifetime. We hope our efforts will help spread global awareness on the poaching crisis and have a significant impact on WildlifeDIRECT’s work to protect this keystone species.”

Amarula is the only cream liqueur which uses real Marula fruit as its base spirit, which are harvested from Marula trees that grow wild and uncultivated in the subequatorial regions of Africa — the only place on the entire planet where they grow. The trees bear their fruit just once a year at the end of Africa’s summer, where its scent attracts the elephants from the surrounding areas to come feast on the fruit.


#Dinnercam is a Portable Lighting Studio Just for Food

If you’re exasperated every time someone snaps a photo of their brunch and asks you if Valencia makes their Eggs Benedict look “soft,” we’re afraid we have no good news for you.

Looking to capitalize on social media’s love for #food and #filters, a South African company designed a #dinnercam (the hashtag is part of the name) as a portable lighting studio for people who want to take better photos of their food.

The device is housed at El Burro, a restaurant in Cape Town where diners can use it upon request. You place your meal in the portable light studio, choose your lighting options (which range from bright to purple), and snap your photo. The company behind the device, MWEB, encourages patrons to share the photos online with the #dinnergram hashtag in order to get a free print photo in return.

The machine, “designed to take social media food shots to the next level” will no doubt earn the scorn/intrigue of many.


Wines of South Africa ‘BBQ to Braai’ Tour: Los Angeles [20 PHOTOS]


A ‘braai’ is the South African version of a backyard barbecue, and kind of a red wine lover’s paradise. Wines of South Africa USA is hosting a U.S. braai tour featuring eats by South African-born chef Hugo Uys and drinks from South Africa. FOODBEAST got the chance to check out the tour’s second installment at the Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon. Fruity and smoky flavors abounded, from curry-powdered sweet potato fries, to ostrich tacos, to lemon chutney grilled cheeses — most of which paired beautifully with South Africa’s uniquely Old World meets New World, blend-friendly vinos on a breezy fall afternoon.

A few of our favorites:

House of Mandela Cabernet Sauvignon: $50 (available at Albertson’s)
Sweet Smaak Sunset Moscato: $13 (available online)
Indigo Wine Group Barista Pinotage: $16 (available through K&L)

Check out our photos from the event, below:





















It’s Raining Beer, Hallelujah

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 9.09.39 AM

This is what happens when innovation meets booze.

Ladies and gentlemen: The beer drone. Cape Town’s Darkwing Aerials will debut their modded SteadiDrone octocopter at South Africa’s OppiKoppi music festival this August. To order, simply bump your special smartphone app with your GPS location. The manually guided drone will find your relative location, and with a little luck and a mini parachute, you can snatch your cold beverage right out of the air. Keep an eye out for the automated version, too. Pretty soon, the world will be run by hopefully benevolent beer robots. What could go wrong?

H/T TechHive


iPad Frozen Into Slab of Chocolate, Given To Unsuspecting Girlfriend

A bloke from London named Stefan knew that his girlfriend living in Cape Town, South Africa was an Apple product nut and had to have the iPad. Problem is, the iPad wasn’t being released where she was staying. So he thought, what a great idea it would be to get her one as a surprise, but better yet I’ll get my friends to freeze the iPad in chocolate so she’ll have no idea what it is. (Thx AR) Check out how it all goes down after the jump: