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This Kitchen Appliance Acts As A Fridge AND Cooks Your Meals

Photo courtesy of Suvie

With the amount of work folks do these days, whether at home or braving to go into offices and factories, there’s usually not a lot of time left for meal prep.

There’s plenty of companies that capitalize like that, such as Blue Apron. Not many, however, have a device that’s capable of refrigerating and cooking your food, timed to when you want it.

Photo courtesy of Suvie

The team at Suvie has built such a device. Their combo fridge/sous vide oven can keep your food at fridge-cold temperatures, then begins cooking it to time it to whenever you program it to. Theoretically, this could let you set prepared meals in the kitchen gadget, program it to cook when you’re home from work, and not have to worry about making dinner at all.

Suvie’s appliance has multiple functions: it uses water to keep your food cold, then heats it up to start boiling and steaming to bring everything up to temperature. It can then drain that water, if you’re making something like pasta, and even broil foods like chicken or vegetables to give them caramelization and color.

Each of the four drawers inside can be controlled independently, ensuring that each part of the meal cooks to where it needs to be, rather than overcooking to whatever needs the most time.

Photo courtesy of Suvie

A device like this does come with a hefty price tag: $1,200, to be exact (there are sometimes discounts available). Suvie also does prepare a bunch of meal kits that can be delivered to your home, further removing you from the cooking process if needed.

Nonetheless, a device that can cook everything for you, as long as you stick everything in it at the beginning of the day, sounds like a potentially useful gadget for those trying to spend less time in the kitchen.

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Starbucks Adds Chorizo Egg Bites To Its Menu, Here’s How They Taste

Huevos con chorizo are a breakfast staple in Mexican culture, and Starbucks has found a way to incorporate it into their menu. Kind of.

Jumping off the popularity of their Bacon & Gruyere and Egg White Sous Vide Bites, Starbucks has decided to dip into Mexican culture for their latest edition.

With chicken chorizo, tortilla, cotija cheese, and chipotle salsa, these little bites are actually pretty tasty.

I was pretty hard on Starbucks for their first stab at chorizo, and while these still lack some spice, the addition of cotija and chipotle salsa really helped add some flavor to what could have been another bland addition to the menu.

Keep in mind, most food at Starbucks is still pre-packaged, and often looks like mush, but these aren’t bad by Starbucks food standards.

Joining the chorizo bite on the summer menu are a handful of new Frappuccinos, including a Serious Strawberry Frappuccino that comes with a real strawberry puree, strawberry fruit, and a “swirl of milk.”

Another Frap that’s sure to be a favorite is the Ultra Caramel Frappuccino, which is basically a Caramel Frap on steroids. This one consists of whipped cream layers that are infused with cold brew for an extra kick, white chocolate, and dark caramel. On top of that, it’s drizzled with more dark caramel.

Can’t really complain about any of the new items, and they should be popular considering all they did was tweak already existing favorites.

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The Most Unlikely Dishes You Can Make In A Sous Vide

Sous vide, gently cooking vacuum-sealed foods in a controlled temperature water bath, was once the technique of the culinary elite. Now, it’s commonplace both at home and in the general restaurant kitchen. Tons of restaurants now utilize the method on their menus, whether it be sous vide eggs, reverse-seared steak, or succulent salmon belly.

Honestly, though, sous vide steaks are a dime a dozen these days, and it’s getting kinda drab in the creative space. It’s time to go full-on Dexter’s Laboratory and see what CAN’T be done when it comes to sous vide.

James Briscione, the Director of Culinary Research at the Institute of Culinary Education, has shared with Foodbeast what he considers to be some of the most seemingly improbable sous vide dishes that you can possibly cook. We also came up with some off the wall ideas to try, if you’re up for the challenge.


This one is a bit tricky, since you need to extract sugars out of the mashed grain first before doing the sous vide. But since most home-brew kits start with a liquid concentrate, there isn’t too much need to stress. All you need to do is get the sous vide brew going, ferment and bottle it, then get ready to crack open some custom-made cold ones with the boys.

Creme Brulee

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You can do any type of custard in a sous vide, so go for the full experience and burn some cream. Chef Briscione recommends using jars to ensure no water gets inside, but keep them loose enough that air can get out and prevent any internal explosions. They’ll take about an hour to set at 85 degrees Celsius.

When it comes to flavor, the world is your oyster here. Passionfruit, matcha, anything really, can go inside. You can even channel your inner Doctor Who and make some fish fingers to go with it.

Lava Cakes

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Sous vide cakes tend to be dense but gooey, making lava cakes the perfect one to try first. Don’t just make undercooked cake, though, as that’ll piss Jon Favreau off. The Chef method of lava cake prep, where you surround a frozen ganache dome with batter, is recommended here. Crank the bath up to 85 degrees Celsius so that the cake cooks, but the chocolate inside melts.

Brownies and Blondies

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Once you’ve got cake down, keep the sous vide sweet tooth going with jarred brownies or blondies. It’s 2018, so you can even make your own versions imbued with some Mary Jane, if you want. Sous vide edibles, anyone?

Jams and Jellies

PB&Js just got way less stale. The humble bachelor snack/meal goes a level up whenever you do something homemade, especially with some custom jam flavors. Although most fruits work here, I’d avoid pineapple. No offense to it, but it’s got something inside called bromelain that’ll liquify your jellies into tears of sadness.


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Just like Grandma used to make. If she was living in the future, that is. Jarring your own pickles via sous vide is the 2018 way to stay traditional, and you’ll get pretty similar results. Wins all around.

Ricotta Cheese

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If you’ve never made fresh ricotta, definitely give it a go with sous vide. It’s pretty easy, since you just need milk, acid, and salt. From there, the cheese has a TON of uses. Eat it warm straight outta the bowl, dollop into pancakes, spread over lasagna… I’m drooling just thinking about it.

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Celebrate National Lemonade Day On August 20th With These Blackberry Lemonade Glazed Short Ribs

It’s no secret Mess Hall Canteen doesn’t play when it comes to creating exciting new additions to their already robust menu. Even though Mess Hall is a food truck, it operates like a five-star steakhouse — producing some of the most exclusive barbecue dishes on the West Coast.

Considering Mess Hall’s tendency to go all-in with every new recipe they debut, it was only obvious a partnership with Hubert’s Lemonade for National Lemonade Day on August 20 would create an intense barbecue dish.  

For only TWO DAYS you can find Hubert’s Blackberry Lemonade Glazed Spare Ribs at Mess Hall Canteen. You’d be wise to move fast, because they’ll only be around until supplies last. On August 20, Mess Hall will be at Green Check Brewing in TKTK, and on August 22, you’ll be able to find Mess Hall at Street Food Tuesday in Orange County.

This delectable dish is made with Hubert’s Blackberry Lemonade Glaze, which Mess Hall created by infusing Hubert’s Blackberry Lemonade with fresh blackberries, hoisin, soy and lemongrass. The spare ribs are then sous vide for 24-hours in a vacuum-sealed bag with soy and Hubert’s blackberry lemonade.

Next, the ribs are smoked for two hours and basted with Hubert’s blackberry Lemonade Glaze every 20 minutes.

The dish is finally topped with pickled blackberries, and garnished with pickled blackberries, shaved lemon, black & white sesame seeds, and a chiffonade of Thai Basil.

This is truly a blackberry-infused barbecue bonanza you need to try now! Be sure to get these ribs while they’re hot!

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with Hubert’s

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An Intimate Look At Starbucks’ New Sous Vide Egg Bites


Last week, Starbucks announced the addition of these new Sous Vide Egg Bites. The breakfast is made using the sous vide method where foods are vacuum-sealed and immersed into tempered water for premium cooking results.

Today, Starbucks officially released the new item nationwide. I happened to pass the spot next to the office walking in and decided to pop in to see if there were any left. Patrons can order between two different flavored egg bites: Bacon & Gruyere or Egg White with Roasted Red Pepper.

A serving of two goes for $4.45 where you can double up on flavors or mix and match.


Grabbing one of each, I headed back to the office to eagerly try the new eggy menu items. Not gonna lie, I definitely had some trouble containing my egg-citement.

I told myself to be cautious, however. Starbucks’ Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich left Latin Lothario and fellow Foodbeast writer Isai Rocha pretty disappointed. Still, boasting perfectly cooked eggs definitely caught my attention.

Visually, the bites looked stunning and they smelled heavenly. It all came down to the taste test.


I think they nailed it. The texture was exactly like they boasted, a velvety egg that packs in flavor with every bite. Both egg bites were definitely worth a second try.

Not a bad way to start off the new year, Starbucks. Hopefully your next few breakfast items will be just as egg-celent as this one.

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Starbucks Adds First New Menu Items Of 2017, Including Sous Vide Egg Bites


Starbucks capped off the 2016 year with a pretty fancy line of Tuxedo beverages. Now, the coffee chain is kicking off 2017 with two new items that haven’t been seen before as a fast food option.

The first item is a Sous Vide Egg Bite that comes in two flavors: Bacon & Gruyere or Egg White & Roasted Red Pepper. Sous vide is a technique where vacuum-sealed food is cooked in a water bath at a precise temperature.


Need something warm to wash down a hearty breakfast item? Starbucks is has added a new drink to their menu.

The Cascara Latte is a beverage made with a Cascara syrup that combines coffee cherry extract with coconut and cane sugars. In doing so, it adds subtle notes of dark brown sugar and maple when layered with Starbucks’ espresso.

Customers can order the Cascara Latte now at all of Starbucks’ US locations and the Sous Vide Egg Bites beginning Jan. 10. You can bet your velvety butts we’re gonna try those egg bites.


This College Junior Made a Perfect Steak Via Bluetooth

A junior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology took dorm cuisine to a new level for a final project. He created his own sous-vide and cooked some apparently edible food.


A sous-vide: Imagine a crockpot, but with more science. Food is vacuum-sealed in plastic and submerged in water (or a steam bath) for lengthy periods of time at relatively low temperatures. When your impatience has finally led you to murder your entire family, you can enjoy a post-killing spree dinner that has been evenly cooked.

You could buy a really good sous-vide for a couple thousand dollars, but there are mid- to lower-range ones that bottom out around $300USD. In true college student fashion, Matthew Arbesfeld made one instead because MIT doesn’t really pay for itself (in the short term). And, unlike this Jetsons-esque appliance, it’s Bluetooth-enabled.

Arbesfeld tested out the sous-vide, which cost him $100USD in parts, on eggs, burgers and steak. The meat was seared on a grill after its soak in the water chamber, for aesthetic purposes.


Get on this medium-rare level, bro.


Magical Sous-Vide Robot Prepares Your Meals and Knows Your Tastes Better Than You Do


Mellow is a $400 sous-vide machine being touted as the “new kind of kitchen robot.”

Not sure what the old kind of kitchen robot was, but hey, that’s technology for ya.

This sous-vide robot is easy for any home cook to use. It’s like the personal chef you always wanted, but could never afford. Think the crock-pot’s more attractive sister. Maybe that one was a little far-fetched, but you get our point.

To use Mellow, seal ingredients in a bag, then submerge it in a tank of temperature-controlled water –it will keep your food at refrigerator levels until you’re ready to start cooking.

The best part is, you can control the countertop sous vide from the comfort of your smartphone, so you don’t even need to be in your kitchen for it to start dinner. Tap the Mello app to decide what temperature, how long, and when to begin making your meal. That’s it. By the time you get home, you’ve got a steaming bag of dinner ready to throw on the table, up to 6 servings worth.

Oh, and for all you health-conscious eaters out there, using the machine preserves the nutrition in your food and eliminates the need for oils or fats, and uses less electricity than your stove. Now, if only we could scrounge up enough pocket change to test drive one of these bad boys.