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Jack In The Box Adds New Bacon Double Sourdough Patty Melt

The munchies, more often than not, is the perfect compass to a satisfying and unexpectedly brilliant meal. Take for instance the one time it led me to the pleasant surprise of having a Jack In The Box Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger with a Sourdough buns.

Naturally, the munchies had me over-indulging, as my high ass ordered a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger and a Sourdough Jack. As soon as I got home, imagine my shock and anger to see that the bag only had one burger in it. I unwrapped the warm treasure, my anger suddenly melting away into astonishment as it revealed itself as a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger with Sourdough buns. And just like that, I knew that this is how I would order every Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger from here on out.

Now what’s this long-winded intro have to do with the headline you clicked on? It’s to prove that Sourdough buns at Jack In The Box make everything better. Which is why them introducing a new Bacon Double Sourdough Patty Melt makes all the sense in the world.

As for the juicy deets, here’s the delectable rundown:

Bacon Double Sourdough Patty Melt: Two grilled beef patties layered with hickory-smoked bacon, melty American and Swiss-style cheeses and grilled onions, all sandwiched between a pair of toasted sourdough rounds.

The Bacon Double Sourdough Patty Melt is now available at all participating Jack In The Box locations for a limited time.


10 Things You Might Not Know About Fermentation

Fermentation is a glorious chemical reaction that converts a carbohydrate/sugar to alcohol or acid. Our founding father, George Washington, was so down with fermentation that he owned his own whiskey distillery. The waste his distillery produced was used to feed his pigs, which had to have made the best tasting bacon. If you’re short one presidential distillery, but want to learn more about fermented goods, keep reading.

1. Fermentation increases the nutritional value of raw produce.


In addition to the ramped up vitamins and minerals, fermented vegetables carry friendly bacteria and live enzymes. These cultures are beneficial to both your digestive and nervous system while protecting our bodies from harmful bacteria and other toxic substances.

2. Ancient Chinese people may have fermented the first alcoholic beverage.


A blend of rice, honey, and grapes, a 3,000 year old beverage was discovered in clay pots from 7000-6600 BC. Corrosion sealed the pots over time, preserving the beer-wine hybrid for modern scientists to analyze. Dogfish Head Brewery recreated the drink in 2005, with the help of the researchers, and it won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2009.

3. Kefir gives you a good night’s sleep.


Not to be confused with the actor from 24, this protein-rich drink contains tryptophan. That’s the same amino acid causing you to yawn after that turkey dinner. Bonus: a serving of this milk-based pro-biotic provides 20% of the daily calcium you need.

4. Soy sauce is a pain in the ass to make.


The sauce you dip sushi in takes months to produce. Its brown hue occurs during fermentation, when a chemical reaction of fungus and grain converts soybeans to simple sugars, amino acids and proteins.

5. Sourdough was more valuable than gold.


That delicious bread bowl we eat clam chowder out of was an integral part of the Gold Rush era. Alaskans would literally sleep with the dough to keep the yeast in it alive. San Franciscans enjoy their bread so much, their 49er mascot is named Sourdough Sam.

6. Kimchi is the national dish of South Korea.


Commonly found in KBBQ cuisine as one of many banchan dishes to munch on while grilling, a custom (read: non-stinky) version accompanied Yi So-Yeon, the first Korean astronaut in space. When stored properly, a jar of kimchi can last for a couple of years.

7. Tempeh is tofu’s kick ass cousin.


Photo Credit: FotoosVanRobin
While both are made from soybeans, their similarities end there. This Indonesian meat substitute has a better texture, making for tasty versions of fried chicken and tacos. The Swedish Department of Food Science even found a way to create this vegan-friendly protein without soybeans (with a blend of oats and barley) in regions where they can’t thrive.

8. Dosas are basically fancy crepes.


Photo Credit: Roland

A fermented batter of rice and lentils, this popular South Indian snack is delicate and paper-thin when grilled properly. It’s the country’s answer to sliced bread, often stuffed with pickles and flavorful chutney sauces. To eat it like a local, put down the fork and knife and get your hands in there.

9.You can wear kombucha.


Photo Credit: Lukas Chin

Microbial cellulose is the scientific term for dried kombucha culture, the “living,” tea-based beverage. A leathery texture, cellulose can be manipulated to create seamless clothing. Not bad for a fizzy and protein-rich drink that’s been around for over 2,000 years.

10. Sauerkraut helps you poop. 


This bland-looking, German condiment is best known as a sausage topping. The shredded stuff shouldn’t, however, be mistaken for the pickled variety: the only ingredient mixed with cabbage is salt. Unpasteurized kraut carries the same kind of healthy bacteria found in yogurt, helping with both digestion and constipation.


Fast Food

This Jack in the Box ‘Jumbo Jack’ is 19 Beef Patties Deep


What’s in a perfect burger? From person to person, the dream of the perfect fast food burger pretty much varies. Beau Chevassus, however, decided to never settle for what society deemed a “Jumbo Jack” and set out to create his own perfect burger no matter the cost.

Taken over by a stroke of audacity, Beau decided to order the most epic Jumbo Jack in fast food history. His order consisited of 19 extra patties, several orders of bacon, every single cheese on the menu, onion rings, fried eggs, ham, turkey and more chicken patties. The total came out to $38.23, making this possibly the world’s most expensive custom fast food burger.

Beau then asked for an antennae ball (which wasn’t reflected in the total) to top off his masterpiece.


It’s hard to realize that it’s possible to swoop up this mouth-watering whale of a burger by just heading to the Jack in the Box down the street. So now that you’ve read one man’s inspiring journey to find the perfect burger, how many of you want to go out into that greasy, delicious world and make your own dreams come true?

PicThx BeauCh


Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls Are A Beautiful, Insane Mess

Cheddar Pulls

Holy mother of all things delicious. Start loosening your belt now, because Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls are your next appetizer must.

If you’re a fan of cheesy bread, bacon, ranch or anything deliciously greasy, then you’ll probably flip over this insane recipe by Plain Chicken. It’s basically a huge mound of awesome that’s pretty simple to concoct. Grab a loaf of sourdough, cut it in both directions and put cheddar cheese in the crevices. Then sprinkle some bacon bits onto that bad boy, and pour a ranch dressing powder + butter mixture OVER THE BREAD. Insanity.

After you bake the ball of heaven, addiction ensues. Seriously, Plain Chicken even calls it “Crack Bread.” Oh, and here’s the full-frontal view:

crack bread

Try the recipe here.

H/T + PicThx Plain Chicken

Food Trucks

Kogi BBQ Truck Reveals a Sourdough Grilled Cheese Short Rib Sandwich

Late last week, Kogi BBQ made FOODBEAST headlines when they announced that they would not be offering napkins or utensils off their roaming food trucks. This week, they took to their blog to show off their latest menu addition, a grilled cheese sourdough sandwich with short rib and roasted garlic and cilantro. Otherwise known as the Meat Meet Cheese sandwich. Catchy, huh?



Jack in the Box: New Pastrami Grilled Sandwich

Jack in the Box is always one to keep every other fast food chain on their toes. This is definitely a game changer with the release of their new Pastrami Grilled Sandwich. Pastrami, mustard, pickles, cheese all on toasted sourdough, can’t go wrong with that. Get out there and get your ‘strami on.