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Souplantation: Offering Take-Home, Bake-at-Home Cranberry Apple Cobbler

Souplantation is known for its fresh salads, heart warming soups and killer desserts! As of last week, it looks as if the chain is attempting to break into some new territory… bake-at-home goods! Souplantation locations have begun offering their first take-home, bake-at-home seasonal dessert in the form of their Cranberry Apple Cobbler. Now guests have the option of taking home a ready-to-bake dish, pulling off the wrapper, place the pan on a cookie sheet and bake whenever you feel ready for a piping hot version of their in-store dish. Who knows what the future holds for future Souplantation dishes, but they definitely have our attention!


Souplantation: Buy One Get One Free Coupon

For fans of Souplantation, our champion Foodbeast DO BOY let us know that you can utilize this “Buy One, Get One Free” coupon before February 26, 2009. Apparently, you were supposed to take a survey…but we were told that you could go straight to THIS address, print that coupon, and use to your heart’s desire. Hope this works out for you all! Eat on!