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Starbucks Announces They Will Start Selling Organic Soup


Today’s a pretty big day for Starbucks. The coffee chain just announced a partnership with Pokemon GO to create a line of Pokemon-inspired Frappuccinos as well as converted all United States locations to PokeStops.

At the their 2016 investor conference, Starbucks annouced that the coffee chain will also start selling organic soups sometime in the next year. The new food item will be an expansion of Starbucks’ Bistro Box selections.

According to Brand Eating, chicken and tomato soup will be two of the featured flavors. The chicken soup, pictured above, features both greens and quinoa to accompany the shredded poultry.

We still don’t know exactly which Starbucks locations will offer them, but expect to see them in select stores sometime by Spring 2017.

Photo: Starbucks

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Campbell’s New Organic, Non-GMO Soups Are The Latest Big Label Addition To Healthy Eating Choices


Photo: Souplicity

Campbell’s is officially joining the fresh soups trend — and in a big way.

C-fresh, a division within Campbell’s Soup Company, is launching Souplicity – a new line of refrigerated soups that are USDA Certified Organic, GMO-free, and preservative free – huge for a company well-known for selling a lot of additive-laden soups.

To ensure quality and to hold a longer shelf life, the soups go through high-pressure processing – a method that kills bacteria without the addition of any chemical preservatives, ensuring that the high quality of the soups remains intact.

Souplicity is available in four flavors – Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Gouda, Carrot Curry Ginger, Broccoli Parmesan Lemon, and Corn Poblano Lime.

These premium soups are Campbell’s foray into an already-growing trend of refrigerated soup. They’ve jumped to the front line of this soup trend by making sure their soups hit the marks for clean-label.

Refrigerated soups have been a rapidly growing part of retail market products recently, with the market value up to as much as $200 million in this past year.

The fact that Campbell’s has dedicated a product line to not just the growing trend of refrigerated soups, but also to non-GMO and preservative free, makes us excited. It puts Campbell’s in line with other big companies that are aiming to remove preservatives, GMOs, and additives from their products, such as McDonald’s and Panera Bread. Campbell’s adds another big voice to the call to remove these ingredients from food products — one that we can totally get behind.

The soups are currently available in Earth Fare stores, located across the Eastern and Southern United States. While there’s no date yet for a wider spread release, we’re happy to see this innovative line of clean label, non-GMO soups coming from a massive food industry player.

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My Soup Date With Rams Running Back Todd Gurley [WATCH]

TIL that Todd Gurley loves pork chops. Like, a lot.

Being an enormous athlete in both size and notoriety requires a strictly adhered to schedule: wake up, eat, work out, eat, press conference, eat, work out again, eat, sign some memorabilia, shoot a commercial, eat, sleep, rinse, wash, repeat. It’s no different for Todd Gurley.


One is an athlete, one is sucking his gut in for the picture. Can you tell which is which?

On the outside is a huge, lumbering man with biceps as thick and round as a Ming Dynasty vase and a back as wide as one of those tables in boardroom meetings where the CEO asks Johnson to update everyone on the quarterly earnings report. Suffice it to say, Todd is at the peak of human physical conditioning.

Campbell's Chunky Soup Todd Gurley Press Day

So, how does one get to be so large? Two words… pork chops.

Drafted 10th overall by the (then) St. Louis Rams in the 2015 NFL Draft, Gurley continues to be a dominant force in the NFL, remaining as one of the last true workhorse backs. The stud athlete also has his fair share of endorsements, the most notable one being Campbell’s Soup.

Fantasy Football has become a staple in nearly every home nowadays, but Campbell’s wanted to give the players in the NFL a chance to see what it’s like on the other side. Enter the Everyman All-Star League! Finally, players get to gather around and draft regular dudes like me and you for their own fantasy draft. Outside of the obviously funny premise for the campaign, the Everyman All-Star League also features a way to win tickets to the next Superbowl. Who wouldn’t love that?

I recently got to sit down with the superstar running back during an interview hosted by Campbell’s and picked his brain about his favorite foods, what he can cook, and what his mama was feeding him to make him that big, all while enjoying a bowl of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, because why the hell not? If I ever say no to free soup, go ahead and shoot me. On top of that, I learned that pork chops are maybe the only thing he eats. Seriously, dude LOVES his pork chops.

Check out my interview with Todd Gurley below to learn more about his thoughts on Harambe, the Seattle Seahawks, and who he would draft first overall in the Everyman All-Star League!

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Bon Appetit’s Controversial ‘Pho Is New Ramen’ Video Removed After Massive Backlash


A video launched on Bon Appetit that left the Asian community livid. Tyler Akin, owner of Stocked. in Philadelphia, was featured in Bon Appetite Magazine’s latest food video. The nearly two-minute video was an interview with Akin explaining the “proper” technique to eat the popular Vietnamese noodle dish pho, which he believes is on a trendy rise.

After a little more than 24 hours on the website Bon Appetit removed the video altogether, both from their Facebook and YouTube channels.

While we’re scrambling to find some footage for you guys, here’s the deets:

The chef claims that adding hoisin sauce or Sriracha, two staples iconic to the dish, would ruin the broth and that he doesn’t mess around with it. Patrons are supposed to try spoonfuls of the broth first before thinking of reaching for the black and red bottles. Ironically, the chef soon adds that he’ll drown that broth in as much lime juice as he can get his hands on.

Still, as someone who grew up eating Pho for nearly three decades, there’s really no wrong way to eat it. The beauty of the dish is that it’s just broth and noodles, with toppings and condiments served on the side. This lets the you create a dish that’s best for you and your taste buds.

Akin also calls pho the new ramen pretty early into the video. Never mind that the dishes are completely different and from two separate cultures. We can’t help but think of this scene from the King of the Hill:

We’re sure Bon Appetit’s intentions were well, but the Facebook video drew some heated comments from Asian followers regarding the cultural insensitivity of the content. Some of them were just savage, with Facebook users threatening to come into Akin’s restaurant and dousing his establishment with hoisin and sriracha.

With more than one million views, the video went viral, forcing Bon Appetit to go back and clarify the meaning of their article, before just removing it altogether hours later.

This led to backlash on the magazine’s Facebook timeline:

Sorry guys, you know as well as anyone the Internet is unforgiving. Especially when it comes to food.

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Irish Try Jewish Food For The First Time [WATCH]

It’s always an exhilarating experience when you try the foods of a different culture for the first time ever. For example, I recently had traditional Filipino breakfast a few days ago and it blew my mind. The Irish folks over at Facts are known for venturing into the unknown when it comes to foods from around the world.

This time, they’re going kosher.

Watch this group of  young Irish lads and lasses sit down together and try popular Jewish dishes. These include: matzo ball soup, tahdig (crispy rice), flaky bourekas (filled puff pastries), brisket, maror (bitter herbs eaten at Passover).

Check out the video and see their mixed reactions.

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This Guy Tried Dog Soup In Korea And Loved It

Eating dogs is still a thing, and will likely remain as long as there are hungry people in the 11 countries that still eat dog meat. As disgusting and appalling as it might sound to us, eating our canine companions is no more strange to billions of people than eating beef or chicken.

One user on Imgur known as chrisron posted a picture of his meal during his visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, aka North Korea. According to chrisron, his lunch consisted of mostly unrecognizable things, as is pretty common in a fairy tail country like North Korea.

But his main course was the dog soup, and according to him, he loved it! “I saw it on the menu and absolutely had to try it. It was fantastic, best thing I ate in the DPRK. I would describe dog as tasting like very tender lamb. Would eat again.”

Would you try it?

Dog soup



Photo Credit: 2 Cute Animal Pics, Imgur


Meet The ‘Pizza Soup’ That Was Born Out Of A Barber Shop


One of our favorite places to lurk for news stories and generally get our relaxation on is our local barbershop — and we now have them to thank for this PIZZA SOUP idea.

On a recent hair fade session, Geoff Kutnick took to his favorite chair at the El Catrin Barbershop just moments before lunch time. His badass lady barber Capri was spittin’ the usual tongue-fire amidst her barber colleagues about their looming lunch plans.

“Pizza?” Ace asked, a fellow barber a few chairs down. “Pizza’s always good?”

Pizza wasn’t always good, as Capri jabbed back with a craving for soup. In unison, as if a collective lightbulb had gone off in the heads of all the barbers in the shop, they all blurted in unison: “PIZZA SOUP

And that was it — Geoff trotted back to the office, came straight to my desk and let me know, “We have our recipe for dinner tonight.”

Later that night, Geoff adapted this homemade tomato soup recipe, and imagined it served like you would a French Onion Soup. The result was magical. Here’s the video recipe:

The bacon is fried up in a large soup pot, then carrots, onions and garlic go into the pan for another 5 – 10 minutes. Then tomato paste gets stirred in and flour for thickening. Once all that is set, we moved everything to a big pot, poured in some tomatoes, chicken broth, thyme, a bay leaf and more tomatoes and let them simmer for 25-ish minutes. We added cream to thicken it.

Once the soup was ready, we put them in individual french onion soup bowls, topped them with an excessive amount of mozzarella (pizza) and gruyere cheese (need that stringy-ness baby!), pepperoni (you could put whatever topping you want) and then threw it under the broiler in the oven.

The result was magical. Thank you for the fever dream El Catrin. Never underestimate the genius just wafting around your local barbershop:



Chocolate Ramen Just Became A Thing In Japan And We’re Drooling


We’re HUGE fans of combining saltiness with the the rich sweetness of chocolate. This includes chocolate-covered potato chips and more recently Japan’s McDonald’s fries drowned in chocolate sauce. Now, a ramen joint in Japan has unveiled another innovative dish: Chocolate Ramen.

RocketNews24 got a sneak preview of ramen chain Mensho‘s upcoming bowl of chocolate ramen. The Tokyo-based ramen spot is set to debut the new dish beginning Feb. 1.

Made with a soy broth, the base is infused with chocolate. The dish itself is then topped with more chocolate that dissolves as the meal progresses. The combination of sweet and salty is akin to how Mexican mole sauce combines sweet and spicy. It works magically.

Sources from RocketNews say that the best way to go at this dish is to mix the chunks into the broth to get a sharp and clean flavor.

The dish will only be available from Feb. 1 through Feb. 14, designed as a Valentine’s Day promotion.

Photo: RocketNews24