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How To Perfectly Recreate IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs At Home [WATCH]

We all go to IKEA for two very specific reasons: to purchase some new, easy-to-assemble furniture, and to eat some of their world-famous Swedish meatballs. All of their food courts have these little morsels of pure bliss, coated in a creamy brown sauce, served with bright lingonberry jam, and creamy mashed potatoes for a meal that beats any other one you can find in a grocery store food court.

While everybody purchases bags of these meatballs and jars of lingonberry jam to recreate the experience at home, we all know that food is best when fresh-made. If you’re looking for a dope recipe to recreate IKEA’s signature food from scratch, look no further than YouTube channel SORTEDfood.

The boys at SORTED came up with a Swedish meatball recipe that’ll make you think you’re sitting in an IKEA food court while at your dining room table. While they did throw in a few twists, like adding some fresh herbs and mixing lingonberry jam into the sauce, the whole plate of meatballs, sauce, jam, and mashed potatoes that the channel comes up with looks almost exactly like IKEA’s version.

Considering just how addictive IKEA’s meatballs can be, that’s some pretty high praise.

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Alcoholic Frozen Butterbeer Is The Ultimate Boozy Harry Potter Dessert

When you go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, one item you’re likely going to purchase is the famous Butterbeer. Available warm, cold, or frozen, this butterscotch soda with a creamy topping is beloved by tons of park attendees.

However, there’s always been one thing missing from Butterbeer that would make it truly live up to its name: alcohol. Of course, Universal likely wouldn’t sell that in its theme parks, but you can always make your own version at home.

If you’re looking for a good starting point for a boozy Butterbeer, look no further than this video from YouTube channel SORTEDfood. They’ve taken the quintessential cream soda delight from Universal and punched it up with a few additions. SORTED did their research in the actual books, but also chose to give their Butterbeer the alcoholic twist we’ve all been missing from the theme park version.

SORTED’s version is also frozen, so it’s a great way to cool down if you host a Harry Potter-themed get-together over the summer. A warning, though, drinking this Butterbeer may require a pants-stretching spell.

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How To Make The Perfect Hainanese Style Chicken At Home [WATCH]

In some dishes, you can find ultimate perfection in the simplest of recipes that require amazing attention and skill. One of the quintessential examples of that is the Singaporean and Malaysian classic Hainanese style Chicken. Originally from the southern Chinese province of Hainan, this simple dish of chicken and rice is so good, you’ll be questioning the fact as to how you’re loving simple chicken and rice so much for years to come.

Despite its simplicity on paper, there’s actually a lot of detail that goes into the perfect Hainanese-style chicken. But thanks to thousands of online contributions and an expert on the dish, YouTube channel SORTEDfood has come up with a great recipe for you to make this treasured meal at home. The best part is that it’s incredibly simple, can be done on a budget, and tastes like a million bucks.

There’s a couple of key aspects to get right about the dish: you have to keep the recipe simple while loading the chicken with tons of flavor and ensure the chicken has a velvety texture and skin that feels almost silky. SORTED definitely hits all those marks, and while they’re definitely not experts from countries where this is made, they do an amazing job at getting the recipe as right as they possibly can.

It’ll take a long time to make this recipe, but thanks to the team at SORTED, you’ll have yourself a Hainanese chicken worthy of the street food carts of Singapore when you’re done.