‘So Sorry About That!’: Domino’s Apologizes On Facebook for Making the ‘Best Pizza Ever’


Domino’s honey, if I were you, I’d play this off as if it were done on purpose. As in, “so sorry you’ll never eat a pizza as good as that one again (but here’s 50 gift cards to make up for it).”

The Domino’s Pizza Facebook page seems so used to griping college stoners that it doesn’t know how to handle a compliment even when it’s handed over on a paper (or digital) platter. So when a Domino’s customer wrote “Best Pizza Ever! Keep up the good work guys! :)” in a Facebook comment, what else was a poor, self-deprecating auto-reply bot to do than shoot back a pitifully contrite “So sorry about that! Please share some additional information with us at and please mention reference# 1409193 so we can have this addressed.”


The Consumerist screencapped the whole exchange, musing that maybe Domino’s just has a particularly sensitive sarcasm filter (because face it, who uses smiley faces anymore? Lololol xD).

Still in Domino’s defense, they really do seem to get a lot of complaints (almost an unfair amount, considering their not-particularly posh clientele), so we figure this mix-up was bound to happen sooner or later. At least most of their more recent positive feedback has been met with very gracious thank you-s, though we can only imagine what might happen if anyone dared use that Easy A “Yum” gif.




H/T + PicThx Consumerist


The Best Apology Cake

The best cake I have ever seen hands down. Looks like this guy finished like a boss! Too bad it wasn’t the same for the other person, but at least they got a cake. (Thx funfoll)