Here’s Why ‘Sausage Party’ Unexpectedly Killed Box Office Sales

In a generation so food-obsessed, Sony, with the help of Seth Rogen, hit it out of the park with audiences via their animated food comedy “Sausage Party.” The film started out with a Rotten Tomato score of 93 and now holds a still impressive 83. It brought in more than double of what predictions had set for it, grossing $33.6 million. The trailer has 21 million views, so how did it come to be that a raunchy animated film about sausages did so much better than the industry thought it would?

The premise of the movie is that all grocery store products are constantly awaiting salvation (or purchase by a customer), but in actuality they are being chosen to be skinned alive and die a painful death.

Today’s food culture has become centered around trending recipes and food that is photo-worthy and this movie’s unexpected success is proof that food is such a resonating topic with today’s young adults who have grown up with a unique and special connection with it. So it’s no surprise that this raunch-fest that has such a noteworthy mastermind behind it, and who is also responsible for many of our other favorite box office hits, did so well.

“What the filmmakers brought really inspired the marketing team to do things really different — just like the film itself,” President of Sony Distribution told TheWrap

Overall, it’s foul-mouthed hilarity that is based on the doomed journey that food takes when it is purchased, and it’s that kind of crude humor in an unsuspected setting that Generation-Y eats up. Rogen’s original concept and his ability to connect with young adults through his suggestive films surely had a part in the movie’s resonance with the audience.

Fine Brothers Entertainment does a short review of the trailer with some older folks, and here you can watch them react to the trailer, and in a predictable way at that. The folks are repulsed by the language and ultimately confused at why an A-list cast would succumb to being associated with such a film. I firmly believe that all that our generation wants is to be kids forever, and one gentleman in the elders review solidifies the biggest difference between them and us. He says that he was a fan of cartoons when he was young… then slams them by basically saying, “and then I grew up.” Burn. But with a generation that lives for Disneyland and food porn pics, this movie hit the nail on the head as far as reading today’s audience, and it’s got the numbers to prove it.

Ultimately we’re able to thoroughly enjoy the inappropriate writing and twisted animation, while also forgetting about being adults for a second.



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This Bento Box Shaped Like a PS3 Sadly Doesn’t Play Any Games

Imagine, you’re sitting on the playground getting ready for lunch when you whip out this little beauty: a bento lunch box designed to look like a PS3. You watch as your classmates’ eyes widen in awe, then eventually crinkle in sadness when they finally realize that no, your mom didn’t let you bring your console to school, and even if she did, you wouldn’t have any TV out here to play it on anyhow.

And then everyone continues on with life as usual. The end.

Anticlimactic fairy tales aside, Sony is launching its new bento design in commemoration of its popular Final Fantasy and Metal Gear game series. The work required to create the masterpiece involved a laser cutting machine, traditional Japanese woodwork and a lacquer treatment in Kyoto — ooh, ahhh.

S’far as we can tell, the PS3 bento isn’t available for sale just yet. (What can I say, Google Translated Engrish is confusing.) But when it does go commercial, it’s sure to make an awesome belated Christmas present for all the momma’s boy gamers in your life.

More photos below:

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Piss Off Hungry Friends and Family with This Scent-Embedding Food Photo Printer

One of the loudest complaints I hear about Instagram is its ability to remind you of just how bad your own lunch sucks. Oh, you’re all out eating at the new super-cool gourmet gastropub trying out their chipotle drenched curly fries, are you? Gee, thanks for the invite, f*ckers! Now, imagine for a second if those pictures not only looked unbearably, infuriatingly delicious, but smelled like it too?

Flip. The F*cking. Table.

Born from a desire to allow people to “capture the fragrances of food when dining overseas and send it to friends back home,” this “Food Printer” prototype is a combination camera, printer and “smell extractor.” It works by simultaneously photographing, analyzing and simulating your foods’ smell via the different aroma inks stored in the machine.

No word on how good or true-to-life these replications would be, but the student-done design was good enough to have won Sony’s “most-fun” award at its sixth annual Student Design Workshop. One early image shows a man blissfully experiencing photographed plates of salad through both his eyes and his nose.

And just think of how brilliantly capitalistic it would be to have restaurants or chefs make scented business cards with this bad boy. I’m sorry, were you saying something? For some reason, I’m now strangely overcome with the desire for deep fried chicken katsu and gravy fries. And yes, I’d love you to cater my wedding.

Unfortunately, Sony currently has no plans to mass produce the “Food Printer,” but according to Cai Lelei, senior manager with Sony China’s PR department, they are “considering taking some of the designs to the market.”

So what do you guys think? Could scented food prints be food porn’s saving grace?

[Via Design Taxi, China Daily]