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This Ice Cream Chain’s Insta-Worthy Desserts Are Topped With Real Honeycomb

The current ice cream social media game is flooded with photos of cones topped with cotton candy, swirled with a spectrum of colors, or utilizing some other kaleidoscopic visuals. However, there’s a SoCal chain called Honeymee that’s making their ice cream visually pop without the need for as much color, and it’s thanks to a special ingredient: organic raw honeycomb.

Honeycomb’s naturally perfect geometry and bright yellow hue make it contrast gorgeously with bright white ice cream. At Honeymee, you can find the honeycomb served as a unique and tasty garnish on a handful of their signature desserts, like colored waffle cones filled with ice cream or the “Honeymee,” a cup of true milk ice cream topped with a honey drizzle and a square of honeycomb.

For those who’ve never tried it before, honeycomb has more body and depth compared to just honey on its own because of its unique texture. This is where the honey is normally stored in in beehives, so it gets a concentration of the floral notes from all of the nectar gathered as well.

Honeymee’s simplistic but flavorsome menu has paid off. Even though they may not have the bright colors of some local ice cream rivals, the chain’s approach has made them explode in the past four years.

It’s not just about the honeycomb, which proves that you can make a visually stunning dessert without needing to use the entire rainbow. The rest of the menu has a focus on simple, pure ingredients that deliver big on flavor while retaining a perceptible charm. From the “true milk ice cream” to the drizzles of real honey and fresh-baked waffles, Honeymee’s approach is all about simplicity at its best, and it shows.

You can get the fragrant, sweet honeycomb at all of Honeymee’s locations, including the one at the Del Amo Fashion Center.

Created in partnership with Del Amo Fashion Center

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McDonald’s Is Releasing A Limited Edition Gudetama McFlurry In Japan

Sure, our Oreo McFlurry is nice and sweet, but the McDonald’s dessert we get here in the states doesn’t do much to melt our hearts. McDonald’s Japan, on the other hand, just introduced a whimsical variation of the dessert that’s tugging at our heartstrings.

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Design Taxi reported that the fast food chain is launching a dessert collaboration with Sanrio, creating six different packing designs featuring the lazy cartoon egg Gudetama.

While McDonald’s has been pretty hush about what the new flavor actually is, we know it features McDonald’s traditional soft serve mixed with sponge cake and two yet-to-be-identified sauces.

McDonald’s Japan will release these exclusive McFlurrys beginning June 8 through early July. Anyone visiting Japan at that time, be sure to let us know how it tastes!

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Halo Top Is Finally Launching Their First Scoop Shop In Los Angeles

The low-calorie, high-protein ice cream brand that captured everyone’s heart is finally launching their first scoop shop in Los Angeles.

“Healthy ice cream,” an oxymoron that Halo Top has somehow turned into reality, is the hottest new trend that won’t die down anytime soon. If you don’t believe us, check the numbers. Halo Top is currently the best-selling pint of ice cream, even surpassing ice cream giants like Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs.

With insane popularity like that, it’d be foolish for them to lose momentum at such a pivotal time of their success. So what’s the next step? A brick and mortar in one of the nation’s most health-conscious cities, of course.

Located on the second-floor dining terrace of the Westfield Topanga mall, the shop will be serving their classic pint flavors but will also introduce new soft-serve flavors including chocolate, vanilla bean, strawberry, birthday cake, and peanut butter cup. You can even liven up your ice cream by opting to create your own ice cream sandwiches with their high-protein, vegan cookies, or by adding some fresh fruit toppings.

The scoop shop is set to open on Wednesday, November 15. Die-hard fans who plan to go on opening day will be able to enjoy complimentary soft-serve and ice cream from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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For The First Time Ever, Yogurtland Is Serving Ice Cream

For froyo fans, Yogurtland has always been on the cutting edge of deliciousness and craveability. Now, starting August 29, Yogurtland will be giving ice cream lovers a sweet reason to celebrate, as it is adding two ice cream flavors to the menu.

Yogurtland is the originator of several unique froyo flavors, like Spicy Sweet Chili Mango Sorbet and Fresh Strawberry, which can now be combined with premium chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

Considering the more than 50 different fruit, candy, cereal, nuts and cookies toppings to choose to choose from, Yogurtland just added to its endless list of completely customizable flavor combinations.

“One of the many joys for Yogurtland fans is to build their creation to perfectly suit their taste buds,” said John Carlson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Development and Operations at Yogurtland. “Now, froyo fanatics and ice cream lovers alike will have the chance to do so, all under one roof at Yogurtland.”

There’s nothing quite like having the ability to build your own sweet, swirly masterpiece, with indulgent toppings strategically piled high. Now with serve-yourself-ice cream options available, there are no limitations to personalizing your own hand-crafted Yogurtland experience.

Grab your friends and head down to your nearest Yogurtland, before this limited time offer melts away.

Photos by Analiese Trimber

Created in partnership with Yogurtland

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This Fried Soft Serve Pie Puts Any Ice Cream Cake To Shame

For some reason, lots of folks are turned off by the word ‘vegan’ being incorporated into any dish. Many meat lovers seem to think such a word encroaches upon their beloved bovine, porcine, or poultry ideals. And for much of everyone else in addition, vegan is a taboo word that represents a bland, tasteless foray into healthy eating, one where there is a significant dearth of flavor.

Well, for all aforementioned, it’s time to throw such apprehensions and expectations of vegan food aside for one moment, because Magpies Softserve in Silver Lake and Tarzana, CA is slanging tantalizing Fried Soft Serve Pies that just so happen to be vegan.

Picture the sweet situation: A tower of taste built from the ground up with vegan fudge, corn flakes, corn almond soft serve, homemade honeycomb brittle, all crowned royally with a heaping of non-dairy whipped cream and candied corn flakes. The salivation is real with this one, people.

Yes, with Magpies’ Fried Soft Serve Pie, the vegan stigma of vapid fare can be thrown out the window. Your typical favorite ice cream cake won’t even compare.

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You Can Find Mermaid Churros Glistening At This California Dessert Parlor

Nestled in the heart Orange County, California is a magical place filled with mermaids and churros. No, seriously.

The Loop: Handcrafted Churros, located in Garden Grove, just created a mystical dessert that could potentially draw sailors to their bittersweet doom: Mermaid Churros.

A golden fried churro is brushed with a smooth blueberry glaze and topped with mermaid sparkle crystals. Then, a cup of vanilla soft-serve is topped with chocolate pearls and, like the dessert’s mythical namesake, it even features a chocolate mermaid’s tail.

Those two components combined will sing you a hauntingly beautiful siren song of sweetness.

The dessert parlor is also pairing their Mermaid Churros with a hypnotic new Mermaid Lemonade. The drink features a blend of blue raspberry lemonade and butterfly pea flower tea. Once you shake it, the lemonade creates an otherworldly reaction akin to the shimmering sea at sunset.

If you’re in the Orange County area, make sure to get in line for this dessert as soon as The Loop opens at noon. The lemonade sells out pretty quickly.

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McDonald’s Extremely Rare Golden Arches Cone Will Guarantee You Free Soft Serve For LIFE

Ever go to McDonald’s just to get your hands on that sticky and sweet soft serve? What if we were to tell you could be caressing that mound of soft, frozen vanilla creme with your tongue for the rest of your life without paying a pretty penny?

Well, in honor of their soft-serve relaunch, that can be a possibility, as McDonald’s announced an extremely rare and one-of-a-kind Golden Arches Cone. This cone will guarantee one McDonald’s customer free soft-serve for the rest of their days.

McDonald’s recently retooled their soft serve recipe removing any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. So for National Ice Cream Day, the fast food chain will be giving out one free vanilla cone to customers at participating locations. On the same day, McDonald’s will announce the winner of the Golden Arches Cone between the hours of 2pm – 5pm local time.

All you have to do to get that free cone and shoot for a chance to win that Golden Arches cone is download the McDonald’s mobile app and redeem the Free Vanilla Cone offer before July 16. Once your offer is redeemed, your name is automatically added to the drawing for the golden cone and a lifetime of soft-serve induced brain freeze.

Anyone going to try to get their hands on that cone? Probably gonna sell mine to Mr. Slugworth if I end up winning.


Dominique Ansel Debuts A Gorgeous Watermelon Soft Serve That Screams Summer

Dominique Ansel never runs short on innovative, eye-catching dessert creations, so while this new watermelon soft serve should come as no surprise, it is still beautiful, and looks like something to put on your dessert bucket list.

Ansel’s bakery in Tokyo, Japan introduced their new What-a-Melon Soft Serve to commemorate its two-year anniversary. The house-made watermelon soft serve, with beautiful ripples accenting its beauty, is served inside a slice of watermelon, securing the cold treat like a wallet.

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No, you’re not going crazy, those freakishly giant watermelon seeds aren’t real, but instead are chocolate versions. To finish off the refreshing treat, the bakery provides some sea salt to top the whole thing with, at your leisure.

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