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This 7UP Salad Will Haunt Your Dreams

We can count on one hand the few instances where a recipe grossed us out to no end, and it seems we’ll be raising another finger to this 7UP salad recipe found on YouTube.

Created by food blog It’s a Mother Thing a few years back, the recipe was intended to be a holiday side dish, reports DesignTaxi.

The ‘salad’ consists of the lemon-lime soda, lime jello, maraschino cherries, crushed pineapple, cream cheese, and mayonnaise. Yes, mayonnaise.

Reminiscent of Slimer from the Ghostbuster series, this emerald dish will definitely spook our appetites. Though we’re curious enough to wonder how it tastes.

Maybe next Christmas, I’ll bring this as a white elephant gift for someone and sneak a bite. Until then, we’ll keep an arms length away, thanks.

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McDonald’s Blue Hawaii McFizz May Be The Prettiest Drink On Their Menu

Yet another reason we envy McDonald’s Japan patrons has surfaced in the form of a cool blue soft drink.

PopSugar reports that McDonald’s locations in Japan have added a new beverage called the Blue Hawaii McFizz. Sprite and a bright-blue syrup with a secret splash of apple juice are used to create this multi-colored drink.

The drink is part of McDonald’s Japan’s Loco Moco Summer Menu, designed to pair with the chain’s new Hawaiian-style burgers and spicy chili fries.

Whether it actually tastes good or not, you have to admit that the new beverage is pretty photogenic. At least it can’t be worse than some of Starbucks’ more recent creations.

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Big Red Combines BBQ and Soda in One Magnificent Bottle, Because This is Murrica


I never thought I’d say this, but after watching this video from Big Red Soda, I kind of want to go live in the South for a while. The soda well known for its red color and unique bubblegum-like taste, is now looking to create a new fan base by implementing BBQ to their flavor palettes. No, I’m not talking about BBQ soda, because that’d be ridiculous.

More like, BBQ and soda served in the same bottle. Yep that’s right. You can now enjoy cool, refreshing soda and savory, delicious barbecue all in one convenient package. Known as the Big Red BBQ Bottle, these ingenious beauties will be available in Big Red and brisket or Big Red Zero and chicken.


I gotta say, Big Red truly is Deliciously Different.

Now whether or not their viral video is real or it’s just a clever marketing scheme remains to be seen. (We’re guessing the latter.) But since its release Big Red’s Facebook page has been blowing up with reactions to the Big Red Bottle. But watch the video yourselves, Foodbeasts, and decide whether or not you think this is really gonna happen.

Me? I’m already looking for excuses to get time off to head to the South. . . just in case.

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Jones Soda Launches 16 Oz. Cans

Jones Soda 16 Ounce Oz Cans

Jones Soda, known for its delicious and specialty soft drink flavors, announced last week that the company will be introducing new 16-ounce cans to be aimed at the convenience store channel. The 16-ounce offerings includes Green Apple, Berry Lemonade and Strawberry Lime (all pictured above), and will retail for $1.29 MSRP.

As a consumer I’ve only seen Jones Soda sparingly at Starbucks, Costco and independent retailers. Hopefully the cans will give consumers more access to the their pure cane soda. More like soda-licous.