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This 7UP Salad Will Haunt Your Dreams

We can count on one hand the few instances where a recipe grossed us out to no end, and it seems we’ll be raising another finger to this 7UP salad recipe found on YouTube.

Created by food blog It’s a Mother Thing a few years back, the recipe was intended to be a holiday side dish, reports DesignTaxi.

The ‘salad’ consists of the lemon-lime soda, lime jello, maraschino cherries, crushed pineapple, cream cheese, and mayonnaise. Yes, mayonnaise.

Reminiscent of Slimer from the Ghostbuster series, this emerald dish will definitely spook our appetites. Though we’re curious enough to wonder how it tastes.

Maybe next Christmas, I’ll bring this as a white elephant gift for someone and sneak a bite. Until then, we’ll keep an arms length away, thanks.

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Pepsi Celebrates Christmas With Cake-Flavored Soda In Japan

As the holidays draw closer, we’re seeing tons of cool new flavors dropping ahead of the winter festivities. You can bet your bottom dollar that Pepsi’s new cake cola is one of the flavors we would love to wet our tongues with.

Kotaku reports that Pepsi is launching a cake-flavored beverage in Japan they’re calling Pepsi Christmas Cola.

So what’s Christmas have to do with cake? The soda is based off the Japanese custom of celebrating the Christmas season with a traditional sponge cake that’s covered in whipped cream, and stuffed and garnished with strawberries.

Fellow Foodbeast and veritable mack daddy of food science Constantine Spyrou was flabbergasted at the thought of cake-flavored cola, having just one question:


For the holidays, man. Get into the spirit.

Pepsi Christmas Cola will be available throughout the region beginning Nov. 21. Any readers based in Japan be sure to send us a care package! We’d love to try some.


Multiple Major Soda Brands Sued Because Their Diet Soda Claims Are ‘Deceptive”

Six different individuals have filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. for misleading advertisements regarding the companies’ diet soda options.

The six individuals, who have all struggled with obesity and looked to diet sodas to help with weight loss, claim that the aspartame, a low-calorie sweetener that’s used in the diet sodas, have made them gain weight instead.

Aspartame, a sugar substitute that’s also sold under the name NutraSweet and Equal, is used heavily in “diet” labeled foods. According to Boston Magazine and a 2016 study from Massachussets General Hospital, when aspartame is ingested, a compound called phenylalanine is produced. Phenylalanine has been proven to interfere with IAP, or intestinal alkaline phosphate, an enzyme that helps prevent diabetes and weight loss. According to that same article, artificial sweeteners have been shown to make consumers hungrier, leading them to binge eat in the long run.

Therefore, with these proven studies, the suits claim that marketing these beverages as “diet” is false, misleading, and unlawful.

Derek Smith, whose law firm is the lead counsel for all three lawsuits, said that their case will focus on aspartame, but noted that all artificial sweeteners behave the same in our bodies.

Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper Snapple has called the lawsuit “meritless” and claims to “vigorously defend against it.” PepsiCo has yet to make an official statement.

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Fast Food Size Comparisons Between The US And Japan [WATCH]

Many of us eat fast food every day and think nothing much of it. We just need something cheap and filling to get us through our meal. Have you ever wondered the actual size comparisons between fast food served in the United States compared to other countries?

YouTubers Rachel and Jun decided to do a little experiment to see if there was any noticeable  contrast between a variety of iconic fast food items in both countries.

Check out the size comparisons video and see for yourself

While there were a few minor differences between fast food burgers in calories and price, the one major variance was the size of American soft drinks. A large in America is about double the size of a large in Japan. In fact, the YouTubers pour the contents of an American soda cup to fill a Japanese large and medium.

Watching this video really makes us reconsider ordering a large soda the next time we get some fast food. Perhaps we’ll just stick to the free water cup.

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Mountain Dew Takes Over Entire Motel For Unique Desert Party Vibes


The onset of Coachella brings about the dopest ancillary parties and functions to support the festival vibes and good times. At the top of this list of local activations that coincide with Coachella weekend was Mountain Dew’s DEW Label Motel in Palm Springs, Calif. during weekend of Coachella.


After taking over the Musicland Hotel, Mountain Dew transformed it into a desert oasis filled with themed rooms with unique themes like Virtual Reality and live art from artist Bradley Theodore, an appearance from the Mountain Dew skate team like Sean Malto and Curren Caples, a VFILES pool party and pop-up shop featuring a capsule collection with Mountain Dew, and best of all, a mini-concert series that presented the likes of Virgil Abloh spinning a DJ set and rapper G-Eazy performing on the DEW Label Hotel stage.

All of this was thrown as a big celebration to launch the Mtn Dew Label Series, which feature specially crafted, bold, and refined new flavors of Mountain Dew in three iterations.

Check out some of the photos below to get a glimpse into all the festivities that truly defined all the good vibes partying in the desert can bring.






Photos by Eric Reed/Invision for DEW/AP Images
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McDonald’s Controversial New Soda Ad Never Once Mentions ‘McDonald’s’

That place where Coke tastes SO good.

McDonald’s has recently begun promoting the return of $1 any sized drinks at participating United States locations.

In a couple 30-second promos actress Mindy Kaling hypes up a place “where Coke tastes so good.” While she doesn’t flat-out say McDonald’s, she tells viewers to do a quick Google search of her exact phrase.

That one step of Googling is intended to pique the viewers’ interest as to what this place that serves great-tasting Coca Cola is.

A quick Google search told us that the place, in fact, was McDonald’s. Though shame on us for not reading fellow Foodbeast and Spanish Seductor Supreme Isai Rocha’s piece on why McDonald’s Coke tastes so good from a few months back.

Unfortunately, the ads have been met with some negative reactions, collecting hundreds of dislikes. The yellow dress on a red background was a nice touch though.

So what do you think about McDonald’s latest attempt at promoting themselves through subtle cues and general curiosity? Was it worse than what Burger King did with Google phones?

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Witness The Sickening Reaction Stomach Acid Has On Coca-Cola

A few years ago, the internet lost its shit after seeing what happened to a McDonald’s cheeseburger after being exposed to stomach acid. Now, thanks to the the YouTube channel Molten Science, we know what adding a Coke to the equation looks like — and it’s completely revolting.

This controlled experiment, posted to YouTube this past March 2, uses hydrochloric acid to simulate stomach acid, which the human body naturally produces to break down substances. Still, the reaction this experiment reveals is a stomach churning combination of a thick, smokey tar-like concoction of sugar and food coloring that is anything but thirst-quenching.

We all know that soda is basically the unhealthiest thing you can drink. Still, somewhere between a plume of smoke that appears as the Coke makes contact with the clear liquid,  and the sudden thickening of all the contents — it’s safe to say no one would have expected a reaction so unappetizing.

Even before half of the can is emptied, the small glass is overflowing with gelatinous Coke that fizzes and smokes as it hardens. To contain the overflowing mess, the glass is placed inside a baking sheet, which still cannot contain the quickly expanding tar-like substance.

It’s hard to imagine that this reaction is potentially a reenactment of what is happening inside your stomach after a good, hard, throat burning chug of Coke. No wonder it makes you burp.

Do you still want a Coke with that?


For The First Time Ever, Mountain Dew Is Offering SPIKED Lemonade

We’ve seen tons of Mountain Dew variations over the years, from their most recent Black Label all the way back to the early days of Taco Bell’s exclusive Baja Blast. Let’s also not forget the Moonshine version a few years back.

In their latest iteration of product, Mountain Dew just announced the release of a brand new line of beverages from the PepsiCo brand where it includes their first foray into the world of spiked lemonade.

The two new Mtn Dew Spiked Lemonade drinks are primarily made with crushed lemons, sugar, and a shot of prickly pear cactus juice. It will also be available in two flavors: lemonade and raspberry.

Sadly, they’re non-alcoholic. However, the whimsical design on the can gave us quite the chuckle as to why a non-alcoholic drink is called Spiked Lemonade. It features a cactus spine, or spike, going through a lemon. Thus creating “spiked” lemonade. Oh and remember the aforementioned prickly pear cactus juice? Yeah, that’s part of the spiked gimmick as well. Nice one, guys.

Joining the two new lemonade drinks will be Mtn Dew Green Label and Mtn Dew White Label which will feature citrus and apple kiwi flavors, respectively. The new line of Mtn Dew beverages are available nationwide at participating grocery retailers.

All this Mountain Dew talk suddenly has us craving Taco Bell.