Hungry Baby Sea Lion Makes A Reservation For One At Fancy Upscale Restaurant


Baby sea lions are cute, but this baby sea lion getting ready for brunch at an upscale restaurant will blow all the other ones out of the water.

An adorable sea lion pup recently made a VIP reservation at a fancy seafood restaurant in San Diego, California. On Thursday morning, the 20-pound sea lion made its way down to The Marine Room and propped itself up at one of the dining tables. The hungry sea lion then waddled around the restaurant posing for pictures and entertaining delighted guests.


Bernard Guillas, executive chef of the restaurant, was pleasantly surprised by his guest’s arrival and snapped a few photos of the pup. He uploaded the pictures on Facebook along with the following caption:

“He was a little bit early for his high tide breakfast reservation as it is this weekend on Sunday and Monday.”


Warming water temperatures and El Niño may be affecting California’s seal and sea lion populations. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, rising water temperatures in the ocean have forced mother sea lions to hunt farther out for food. The pups who depend on their mothers for milk are therefore left for longer periods of time. This particular pup is under the average weight, which is roughly 38 pounds, for baby sea lions.

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The Marine Room then contacted a Sea World San Diego team to come and care for the pup. CBS News reported that the team has rescued more than 47 sea lions this year alone and will make sure that the baby sea lion will be properly rehabilitated. SeaWorld wrote:

“We hope to get her rehabilitated and back out into the wild. She’s getting lots of fluids.”


Phone Stacking Might Be The Most Important Social Dining Game You’ll Ever Play


Ask yourself, is answering a text message or checking your Snapchat at the dinner table worth covering the tab of everyone’s meal?

Phone Stacking puts that question to the test. It’s one of the most brilliant social etiquette games of our generation — also one of the saddest, if you let its value-prop sink in far enough. 

The Rules

The rules of the game are simple. You’re out a restaurant with friends, as soon as you sit at the table, everyone stacks their phones, face down. You can put them in a pile in the center for dramatic effect, or you can keep them next to your individual plate.

Either way, first person to reach for their phone during dinner is now responsible for paying for the entire meal. Seriously. Don’t even touch the phone.

If by some miracle you and your friends make it through dinner without anyone checking for stray text messages, just split the bill the way you normally would.

But Why?

Next time you’re at dinner — hell, you might be at dinner right now — look around the table. How many of your friends have their neck craned down at their cell phone? The moment is so far removed, we need a gimmicky social game like this as a catalyst for a tech-free dinner.

The game isn’t new either — it first started surfacing around the web early 2012, with articles touting its significance in our increasingly “smart phone heavy” culture. Yet here we are, almost 4 years later, even more of a culture fueled by our social media connection, and dinner hasn’t changed much.

Why it’s so hard

It’s a matter of little wins that makes a game like Phone Stacking so rewarding.

It might seem trivial, but we’ve now grown accustomed to connectivity. If your mom texts you and you don’t respond within minutes, she assumes you’ve been abducted. If you miss a call from your girlfriend, she assumes you’re out gallivanting with whores.

All of these assumptions are made because they know you’re on your phone. Or by your phone. And there’s no reason, other than being abducted, that you shouldn’t be able to answer. But are all these connections immediately necessary?

It isn’t until you take the phone out of the equation for small periods of time, even 30 or 60 minutes, that you realize that text message could have waited. That Snap will still be there. Your individual moment gets valued.

The Good

Well, if your friend can’t help but check Snapchat during dinner, you’re bound to get a free meal — so enjoy.

Realistically, even if you play this game once a month, it’s astonishing what truths you’ll uncover about the friend sitting across from you when the phone is taken out of the equation.

What To Remember

No one is saving the world by “Stacking phones” for a 60 minute dinner. It’s simply a reminder to enjoy slices of life.

And if you can’t remember, paying for your friends dinner might do the trick.


Science Says Drinking Guinness Makes You Bitter


Next time you and your friends are our for a pint, maybe hold off on the dark stout.  As tempting as it might be in this wintry weather, scientists have recently released a study suggesting that stout beer, Guinness in particular, might make you bitter. The study links tart and bitter tastes with, you guessed it, a tart and bitter mind.

When consumed in “delicate situations,” bitter drinks might lead people to “voicing thoughts they’ll later regret.”  The study asked people to rate certain scenarios on how morally questionable they were.  Those with bitter drinks were much harsher on the subject of each scenario.

Other drinks that might have this effect are gin and tonics, which means I need to find replacements for two of my favorite drinks. I’m pretty bitter about it.

H/T Daily Mail + Picthx The Pub Scout

Food Trucks

These Eye-Opening Facts Will Give You a New Respect for Food Trucks [Infographic]


It seems like food trucks are popping up everywhere these days. However, it’s no longer Philly cheese steaks and stale pretzels we’re talking about.  Rickshaw dumplings, the Cinnamon Snail, and Kogi BBQ have become ubiquitous names in the realm of food, with food trucks trending in New York, L.A, Texas and even Paris. So while the future of food trucks is still up for debate, this handy graphic breaks down the numbers.

For example, did you know that over 70% of food trucks take cash only, and the most influential food trucks of 2010 are exclusively from New York and L.A.?

Or that the most popular day for trucks is Monday, and that trucks can now get liquor licenses? We certainly didn’t.  Check out the infographic for more fun facts!




Science Says Eating Lunch at Your Desk Makes You Sad, Stressed, and Boring


We’ve all been victims of the dreaded desk lunch: a sad salad, wilted sandwich, or microwave meal eaten mindlessly while staring at a screen.  The lunch break is disappearing and we’re none too pleased about it, especially as a recent study has shown that going out to eat, preferably with a group, resulted in higher relaxation and potentially increased creativity and connection to others.  And yes, the opposite is true for when you take your “break” at your computer to drool over clothes on Pinterest that you’ll never buy.


The German study, published in PLOS ONE, explores the consequences of meal contexts on emotional and cognitive well-being. The 32 subjects were split into two groups, one, which ate alone, and one which ate a leisurely meal in a restaurant with others. After the meals, the researchers tested the subjects for semantic memory and their ability to process emotions in others.  Subjects also filled out questionnaires ranking their mood. The researchers found that more positive moods were reported by the subjects in the social lunch condition.  They also had less cognitive control, which is linked to better perceptual processing, recognition of emotions in others, and creativity.

Don’t end up like  the 65 % of poor saps who eat lunch alone at their desks or don’t eat at all.  When you’re trying to convince your boss that you need a lunch break, tell them it’s been shown that having extra relaxation time can boost your productivity. People with established and socially engaging lunch breaks are clearly getting the better end of the deal.


Need some inspiration? Check out Not Sad Desk Lunch for some ideas of what to make when you do finally take that hour.

H/T Huff Po + PicThx Sad Desk Lunch