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Bud Light Promises Free Beer To Every Californian If Mexico Beats Brazil In World Cup Match

My soccer-loving colleagues have explained to me that Mexico has not advanced past the fifth round in the World Cup since 1994, being dubbed “The Curse of the Fifth.”

With Korea’s most recent win over Germany, keeping Mexico alive in the World Cup, it seems the country is one step closer to achieving that dream, though, and Bud Light raised the stakes.

Earlier this month, Bud Light tweeted that if Mexico was able to break the “Curse of the Fifth,” they’ll provide the state of California with free beer.

If Mexico beats Brazil this upcoming Monday, Bud Light will have to uphold their promise to provide the Golden State with a downpour of free beer.

Budweiser has yet to announce how and when they’ll provide that boozy promise, but we’re all on the edge of our seats hoping they deliver if Mexico beats Brazil next week.

The only thing we can be sure of, however, is that our eyes will be glued to this Monday’s match.


Molds To Make Eggs Shaped Like Golf, Tennis Or Soccer Balls


These are plastic molds that make your eggs shaped like a golf, tennis, or soccer ball. They were designed by Avichai Tadmor and now being sold over at Monkey Business for $12.

Basically you just boil an egg, peel it, pop it in the mold until it cools and presto! You’ve got an egg shaped like a ball. Not entirely sure why you’d want an egg shaped like a ball, but I’ve heard of crazier things. I can’t think of any now, but I’m certain I have.


Written by Brittany High of IncredibleThings


WORLD CUP: Angry South Koreans Chuck Toffees at National Soccer Team


Although most people would love to be showered with candy, South Korea’s National Soccer Team took the flying sweets with melancholy when they returned from Brazil. While lining up for photographs from their fans at the Incheon airport, the team was greeted by an onslaught of toffee candies after a poor performance at the World Cup.

The reason behind the toffees is that the phrase “Go eat a toffee” is considered an insult in Korea. It’s similar to “Screw you” or “Get Lost.” Dozens of toffee candies were thrown at the down-on-their-luck team. At least they were wrapped though. Because ants.

In what is said to be Asia’s worst World Cup performance in 24 years, the team grabbed one point in a series of three matches. South Korea joined Japan, Iran and Australia in an early trip back home from Brazil.

Fast Food

McDonald’s Hong Kong Does Square Patties & Potato Wedges for World Cup


First it was fancy fry boxes. Then it was country-inspired sandwiches. Now McDonald’s is continuing the World Cup-themed cavalcade in Hong Kong, with a limited time menu that includes three kinds of chicken wings, potato wedges, orange fruit punch, and a four-patty spicy beef cheeseburger.

Mickey D’s tribute to Spain, the Spicy Beef Burger comes topped with cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, and the aforementioned square slices of beef, though we’re not sure what any of it has to do with Spain. The spice is courtesy of Malagueta chili sauce, which Brand Eating reports is actually more common in Brazilian cuisine than Spanish.


What is exciting, though, regardless of origin, are the other limited-time offerings. Not only does the McWings Platter includes flavors like Pickled Chili and Crispy Garlic, but the orange punch is practically a nonalcoholic sangria, and the fried potatoes come in wedge form instead of our boring old French julienne. Sure they’re still just potatoes, but the fact that we can’t get them here is still enough to make me go, “WANT.”

Fast Food

McDonald’s Ditches Iconic Fry Box for First-Ever World Cup Redesign


Don’t expect to see any iconic red French fry boxes at this year’s FIFA global world cup in Brazil.

McDonald’s has commissioned artists to design their fry boxes, unveiling the new design in celebration of the event.

This is the first time McDonald’s has ever given up its medium and large fry boxes for a global redesign. Beginning May 26, the boxes will be decorated with World-Cup themed art, from 12 international artists, handpicked from 500 artists around the world.

The boxes are intended to be a window into an augmented reality application, fittingly named McDonald’s GOL! The app is downloaded when people hold their smart phone in front of the fries. Then the box transforms into a goal, and the player can kick a target into the outline on their phone.


So what do you think of this bold new move? Nice to have a change, or are the golden arches too iconic to tap out?

H/T Adage


Craving: The Beer Cup Snake

With the hype of the up coming World Cup 2010 in South Africa,  we offer up a sacrifice to the Gods… Or more like a “Beer Cup Snake” (Thx SSM)