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Del Taco Just Created Soap Bars That Smell Just Like Their French Fries

The future of marketing gimmicks is apparently making stuff that smells like your food. KFC has been doing it for a bit with chicken-scented Valentines and firelogs, and Jimmy Dean came out with a sausage-smelling wrapping paper.

Del Taco is now jumping in the game as well with bars of French fry-scented soap, aptly named “Eau De French Fry.”

Photo courtesy of Del Taco

The soap is meant to promote the new Fresh Faves Box Meals at Del Taco, each of which contain their crinkle-cut fries. Each bar of soap is “lightly scented” with French fry aroma, so you’ll feel the scent around you but won’t be necessarily embalmed in it.

Only a limited amount of these French fry soaps will be sold online. If you really want to cop one, they’ll drop on March 13th at Del Taco’s web store, costing $3.95 per bar plus shipping and handling.


How Soap Is Made as Explained by Candy Corn, In Space


In his spare time up at the space station, NASA astronaut Don Pettit took his crew’s entire supply of candy corn and a ball of water to create a macroscopic, or visible-to-the eye, analogy as to how soap molecules work. Because there’s not much else a guy, who also happens to be a chemical engineer, can do with candy corn up in space.

Since soap molecules have a hydrophilic end and a hydrophobic end, one attracts water while the other repels it. The astronaut coated an end of each candy corn with oil to make it hydrophobic. This allowed the candies to arrange themselves around the water based on their attraction and repulsion.

When a surface is covered with surfactant molecules (ones that lower the surface’s tension), the oil is able to float away and mix with the water. The floaty candy corn sphere begins to solidify and binds itself together. Thus, candy-flavored soap.

Check out the video below for space candy.

H/T First We Feast


Your Daily Serving of Fruits and Veggies


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Never start an argument with someone holding a giant kimchi



Bacon Body Wash is the Closest Thing We’ll Get to Bacon Showers


Let’s be honest, bacon lovers. How many of you out there have ever wondered what it would feel like to shower in bacon glory? The feeling of pork grease on your skin as you lather, rinse and repeat.

While that sounds incredible impractical, one can dream.

Well, thanks to this Bacon-Scented Body Wash, we just got that much closer to making that dream a reality. While it’s not as delicious as showering in bona fide bacon, it will leave you smelling like you did. Imagine bringing it to the gym after a good workout and walking past all the people on treadmills, letting them get a good whiff.

Although I feel like I don’t need to mention this, I probably should: Do not eat the soap. You should never eat soap, no matter how delicious it smells.

Bacon Body Wash, $5 at McPhee 


The Dogfish Inn Will Have 16 Beer-Themed Rooms and Beer-Infused Toiletries


Dogfish Head, the brewery behind beer made with actual meteorites, is consistently upping their brew game. Now Delaware, which is officially winning in the race I just invented for coolest state, will soon open a Dogfish Head Hotel, or the “Dogfish Inn,” come Spring 2014. I’m breaking out a beer right now to celebrate.

The inn will take over the former Vesuvio Motel near the harbor, halfway between the Dogfish brewpub and the Dogfish brewery in Milton, Connecticut. It will have sixteen beer-themed rooms, with soap and shampoo infused with beer. Each room will also include a mini fridge, beer glasses and bottle openers on the wall, which sounds like the making of a beautiful, drunken weekend.

PicThx Dogfish Beer


Lather Up with Urinal Mint, Bacon, Beer & Popcorn Soap


Introducing: ManHands soap — which comes in so-called “manly” scents like brewed coffee, beer, red wine, buttered popcorn, margaritas, and bacon. (There’s also the less-appetizing Baseball Glove, Cash, Top Soil, Urinal Mint, Muscle Rub, Bonfire Cannabis, Cedar Log Cabin, Fresh Cut Grass, Nag Champa Incense, Obsession Cologne, Republican, and Democrat.)

Exotic perfumes and expensive colognes don’t impress everyone. For some, the aroma of favorite food or drink might be more effectively enticing. After all, what better what to impress your food-loving partner than to arrive on your Valentine’s Day date smelling like a bouquet of fresh roses freshly-popped, buttery popcorn?

Maybe your beau isn’t really into musk and magnolias — but margaritas really do it for him. Or perhaps your wine connoisseur girlfriend would much prefer that you reek of Bordeaux than body odor.

While these inventive, interesting-smelling soaps might be geared towards gentlemen, we’re sure that more than just a few lovely ladies would like to leave their showers smelling like bacon (yeah, it’s becoming a religion) or buttered popcorn.

Despite the fact that the company is strangely insistent that “Guys should be using Man Soap,” we’d like to issue a kind reminder: Don’t leave the girls out, ManHands!

Man Hands Man Soap $7 @Gadgets & Gear

H/T Laughing Squid


This Caffeinated Soap Wakes You Up in the Shower

Every caffeine addict’s dream just came true: you can now bathe in coffee — well, sort of.  Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap is a bar of soap that contains caffeine to give you the morning jolt as you lather your skin with its peppermint smell. It promises that your skin will absorb 200 mg of caffeine per shower, which is just 60 mg of caffeine less than a tall Starbucks cup of coffee. Now on those days you wake up late, you no longer have to be stuck with the conundrum: hygiene or caffeine? You can have your latte cake and eat it to. Each bar of soap contains 12 “showers,” so for $6 a bar, it’s cost efficient, duh. So how do you take your coffee? With soap, of course.

Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap: $5.95 @ Amazon

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