A Trader Joe’s In New York Suffered A Terrible Fate During This Blizzard

Everybody loves when things don’t have roofs: convertibles, football fields, water parks, you name it. Unfortunately, when it’s the roof of your work that comes down, it makes for a pretty shitty Monday, as if they weren’t already shitty enough.

According to state-run New Jersey website, One Trader Joe’s in Westfield, New Jersey, dealt with that exactly, as the roof began collapsing due to the weight of the snow brought on by one of the strongest blizzards we’ve seen this century.

The roof began crumbling around 2 p.m. on Saturday, although thankfully no one was hurt. The store was obviously closed and will reopen again once the damage has been repaired.

As an option for the employees, the corporate office has offered to transplant them to surrounding locations until the damages have been mended and fixed.

Looks like no one ever taught Trader Joe’s how to “raise the roof.”


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Fast Food

Wendy’s Japan Has a Burger Layered with Three Fancy Cheeses, No Ketchup


Wendy’s Japan is really taking the burger game seriously. The fast food chain has recently launched their line of better-than-average burgers, dubbed Japan Premium, in their Japan-based locations. One burger from the menu includes three slices of pretty fancy cheeses, the likes of which are rarely seen in the fast food world, much less together in one sandwich.

The Mille-Feuille Cheeseburger is layered with Gruyere, Emmental and Camembert. The furthest the US got cheese-wise was Muenster, wethinks. The cheeseburger also comes with two patties of beef and lettuce on a brioche bun. Guessing all those lavish cheeses shouldn’t be encumbered by additional condiments.

The namesake of this new Japanese cheeseburger is the French mille-feuille, aka Napoleon, a three-layered puff pastry filled with pastry cream and topped with sugar and cocoa. That’s kind of close to a cheeseburger, right?

Patrons of Wendy’s Japan can purchase the Mille-Feuille Cheeseburger for 920 yen ($8.59 US).

The Japan Premium line also boasts the Iberico Bacon Mushroom Melt Burger (slices of Spanish Iberico bacon) and the Snow Crab Salad Burger (red snow crab in a paprika tartar sauce). They are available for 780 yen ($7.29 US) and 820 yen ($7.66 US), respectively.

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The things you’ll choose McDonald’s breakfast over


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This happened…

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Not Pee-Flavored: Clever Yellow Snow Cupcakes Taste Like Vanilla


The best part about elementary school snow days were snowball fights and eating the fluffy, white stuff. There was always one huge rule, however: Don’t eat the yellow snow. That champagne sugar was off limits and no matter how curious your 5-year-old self was, it did and does not taste like lemon drops.

Luckily, you can satisfy your nostalgic curiosity with the next best, better, thing thanks to this DIY Yellow Snow Cupcakes Kit. The kit features everything you need to make your winter deliciously golden, including vanilla cupcake mix, vanilla frosting, yellow and white sparkly sugar and adorable paw print cupcake wrappers.

Yellow Snow Cupcakes

While these treats look mighty delicious, we suggest reserving them for snow days. Bringing ‘pee’ cupcakes to a holiday family gathering might be a slightly unappetizing decision.

Yellow Snow Cupcakes Kit, $16.29 @Firebox

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