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Moldy Applesauce Manufacturer Gets an FDA Warning

A warning letter was issued to Snokist Growers, a food processing company from Washington, for reprocessing moldy applesauce. The Food and Drug Administration are currently investigating the manufacturer after discovering that their products could possibly contain dangerous multicolored molds.

Snokist Growers distributes their products to baby food manufacturers as well as schools through the National Lunch Program. According to reports, Snokist products were blamed for the illnesses of nine North Carolina children earlier this year. The FDA continues to outline some of the other blunders the Snokist company has made during several different violations over the past year, including a 3,300 case recall for dented seals, instaces of bird feathers and feces within the facilities, fruit flies both alive and dead, and non food grade hydraulic fluid dripping from a pipe onto the housing of the apple slice conveyor [FDA].

Tough times ahead for this bunch, it seems.


via: Huffington Post Photo Credit: Benimoto