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Tina Fey Proclaims ‘Sheet Caking’ To Be Weekend’s Hottest Activity

I don’t really need an excuse to devour cake this weekend, so I’m down with Tina Fey’s sheet caking idea.

The acclaimed actress appeared on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update to make her case for this gluttonous activity. Fey would rather we go “sheet caking,” or devouring whole cakes, instead of attending white supremacist protests this weekend.

To showcase what exactly she means, Fey brings out her own massive dessert to consume live. She called on us all to order cakes with the American flag on them and just eat them as alternatives to violence. Tina then proceeded to go sheet caking while blasting white nationalists in the hilarious SNL skit.

Racist rallies similar to those in Charlottesville are occurring this weekend. Those events inspired violence and hate, so Tina Fey’s message is more than just a comedic one. As a result of her message and hilarity, sheet caking has gone viral across Twitter.

Even if we can’t consume whole cakes like Tina can, stopping bigotry, racism, and white supremacy is still a message we can get behind. So don’t hate: eat a cake instead.

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Watch Emma Stone Seductively Use Hot Dogs To Solve Algebra Problems On SNL

Emma Stone was the special guest host for Saturday Night Live this weekend, and featured a bit where the actress got a little weird with a hot dog.

In this particular sketch, there’s a student struggling to get through his algebra homework, when he suddenly falls into a deep sleep. The oddities ensue when the posters around him begin to speak.

One of those posters features Emma Stone as some sort of inappropriate hot dog saleswoman. Well, it’s really not clear what she’s supposed to be, but she’s very much into her hot dogs, and ends up helping the student solve a word problem with said wieners.

In almost any scenario, seeing Emma Stone in short shorts, an exposed bra strap, and holding a phallic food, would be one of the most seductive situations ever, but SNL found a way to destroy that. Watch the clip for yourselves and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

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Watch Chloe Grace Moretz Slap A Dude With A Giant Piece Of Kimchi

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz recently appeared on South Korea’s version of Saturday Night Live. The former Hit-Girl from the Kick-Ass film series performed in a sketch playing the love interest of a young Korean man.

Now about a year ago, there was a video going around of a Korean woman slapping a man with a giant piece of kimchi.

In this sketch, Moretz is visiting her fiancee’s family and recreates emotions of that Korean drama by slapping her beau with, you guessed it, a fat piece of kimchi.

RocketNews 24 provides some context for those who don’t speak Korean. The man suggests to Moretz’s character that they move into a rental space together after they get married. According to traditional customs, a man must buy a house for his bride to live in before they’re married.

Check out the hilarious video for the entire to see for yourselves.


SNL Partners with It’Sugar, Thus Schweddy Balls Now Exist


Celebrating Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary, the long-running show has partnered with candy chain It’Sugar to create more than 50 fictional snacks and novelty gifts throughout SNL’s history. Yep, Pete’s famous Schweddy Balls and Colon Blow cereal are now real.

Schweddy Balls were made famous years ago on a classic SNL sketch featuring Molly Shannon and Alec Baldwin as Pete Schweddy, the creator of the eponymous balls. Colon Blow Cereal was also introduced during SNL’s heyday by the late Phil Hartman, a man who valued a high-fiber diet.

Also among the list are Stefon’s Pop n’ Rock Party Bars and Schmitts Gay Beer. The items will be available at more than 60 of the It’Sugar locations as well as online Sept. 13. Christmas is only a few months away, who wouldn’t love a sack of Schweddy Balls?



SNL Brings the REAL Starbucks Experience Home [VIDEO]


Alright Starbucks-addicts — we know you like your non-fat, soy, venti caramel whatevers — but how many of you would actually want a bona-fide Starbucks experience at home?

After all, the company’s new at-home coffee machine, The Verismo System, promises just that — all “with uncompromising quality and push-button simplicity.”

But late-night comedy show Saturday Night Live isn’t so sure about having a mini-Starbucks in your kitchen. Their short commercial spoof of the Verismo shows that having it might actually be a little bit too much like the REAL Starbucks experience — you know, with the unapologetic barista that gets your name and order wrong.

Curious about what this less-than-enthusiastic Starbucks machine has got in store? Watch the video below.

H/T First We Feast


It’s Almost Pizza! — SNL Skit Takes Jab at Frozen Pizza Dinners [VIDEO]

This reminds me of a popular frozen pizza dinner (that shall not be named for lack of proof) I bought a few years back that tasted like cardboard, then the more I peeled off the crust, it actually was partially cardboard.

It’s Almost Pizza!

Saturday Night Live had a wonderful skit this weekend that poked fun at processed food, with its Almost Pizza “commercial.”

In the skit, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader argued about what the “pizza” was, then the pizza started getting hotter on it’s own, shattered when thrown to the floor, put itself back together and crawled under the fridge.

It’s not delivery, it’s not pizza, what it is, is up in the air.

For those who have taken a bite of frozen pizza and felt it had a sketchy taste, this video certainly won’t calm your nerves.

I suggest that this not be watched while under the influence, although I wouldn’t doubt that this skit was written under the influence.


‘SNL’ Paula Deen is Hilariously Depicted by Kristen Wig

Kristen Wiig definitely makes a sexy, hilarious and ultimately convincing Paula Deen in this week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.” The skit covers the recent sexual harassment allegations levied against Deen, her diabetes diagnosis and her use of the “N word,” which she claims to have never used (“nutrition”).

Wait ’till you hear Wiig/Deen describe diabetes as “the sugars,” old people in homes having “the shakes” and proceed to butter her hair while she talks with Seth Meyers. Paula Deen ignorance and hilariousness at its finest.

Here’s a look:


Ben & Jerry’s Release SNL-Inspired Flavor ‘Schweddy Balls’

ben & Jerry's schweddy balls ice creamBen & Jerry’s, who is known for the constant release of new flavors (e.g. Clusterfluff & Bonaroo Buzz), has released a new ice cream based on the infamous Alec Baldwin Saturday Night Live Skit, ‘NPR’s Delicious Dish.’ Now even you can feel, smell and taste Schweddy’s Balls. Although these balls will definitely be colder and less misshapen since hopefully you won’t ‘rest them on a hot stove for too long.’

The flavor features fair trade vanilla ice cream, fudge covered rum balls, milk chocolate malt balls and a hint of rum. Schweddy Balls is available nationwide at all of Ben & Jerry’s Scoop shops and at grocery stores while supplies last.