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New Snickers ‘Hungerithm’ Allows For Bigger Discount As Internet Gets Angrier

The internet can be a fickle audience at times, being content and chill one hour then going full Hulk-level angry the next. Snickers has found a low-key genius way to channel that variable attitude with their new “Hungerithm” coupon.


Photo courtesy of Mars, Incorporated

The algorithm looks at 3,000 different commonly used words and phrases in social media posts to track the overall mood of the internet. The higher the anger level gets, the bigger the available discount. The program tracks Facebook and others every 10 minutes to calculate a new score and corresponding price deduction.

Using your phone, you can then lock in a price reduction at a given time to ensure you get the Snickers bar for as cheap as possible. Typically, you can expect the range of the ensuing coupon you receive to be between $0.08 and $1.00, with higher price drops only coming if the internet really is pissed off.

There are some caveats to this markdown, however. It’s only applicable to Snickers purchased at 7-11 stores, and the deduction can only be locked on your phone (you can still track the meter on a laptop, however). Furthermore, the site is only going to be live through December 22nd, so you have until then to make the most of this Hungerithm discount.

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Espresso Snickers, Plus Two Other Flavors, Are Coming To The US Next Year

Snickers is debuting a trio of new flavors next year, including an Espresso Snickers that brings an interesting coffee twist to the candy bar.

espresso snickers

Photo: Isai Rocha/Foodbeast

Each of the flavors will be infused into the nougat filling inside of each Snickers bar. To identify them, different adjectives will be placed on the wrappers of each new flavor, apparently to help you choose which one to eat based on your mood. Those feeling irritable should eat the espresso Snickers, because you’re not you without your coffee-flavored candy. Folks feeling wimpy should go for the “Fiery” Snickers, infused with hot pepper, while indecisive snackers have a new salted caramel-infused Snickers bar to sample.

Regardless of your mood, if you’re interested in any of these flavors, they’ll be coming to the United States en masse starting in June of 2018. Bar forms and miniature pouches of each flavor will be available at that time. The actual launch date is still a long way away, so hopefully, the candies will be able to live up to all of the hype generated in that time span when they do drop.


This Dude Got A Black Eye And Split Lips After Being Assaulted With A Snickers


A resident of Bushwick, Brooklyn, was assaulted by man with a candy bar. While waiting on the subway platform, Ian Sklarsky was approached by a stranger holding a partially unwrapped Snickers bar.

The stranger, 35-year-old Eliexer Reyes, then punched Sklarsky with the chocolate bar. Reyes walked off, but Sklarsky called after him. This prompted Reyes to come back and strike Sklarsky five more times.

After a witness dialed 911, Reyes was arrested and taken into custody.

The two men have no connection to each other, but Reyes had been arrested before for assault. Sklarsky had been living in the city for five years prior to this incident. He tells Gothamist that he’s never experienced anything like this before and that his time living in the city had been great.

Sklarsky was left with a black eye, a bruised nose and two split lips. Reyes is currently being held on $500 bail. He’s facing charges for assault that caused injury and disorderly conduct.

h/t Gothamist Photo: Snickers Facebook


7-Eleven Is Giving Away Free Food EVERY WEEKEND Of August


Did you know there was a 7-Eleven mobile app? You might want to look into it. On Aug. 1, the convenience store chain will give away a bunch of freebies every weekend. They’re calling them FREEkends (get it?).

All you have to do is download the 7-Eleven mobile app and sign up for the 7Rewards program. In the “Scan and Save” section, a new offer will appear at noon Central Time every Saturday this August. Customers just need to present the item with the 7-Eleven app at the register to be scanned.

The FREEkend freebies are:

  • Aug 1-2, medium Fanta® Slurpee® drink
  • Aug. 8-9, Juicy Fruit® Starburst® gum
  • Aug. 15-16, medium Fanta® Slurpee® drink
  • Aug. 22-23, SNICKERS® Brand Singles Bar (1.76 – 1.78oz)
  • Aug. 29-30, Butterfinger® bar (1.9oz)

No purchases are necessary to get your free items and the app will even let you know how the percentage of free items still in stores. Y’know, so you can gauge if it’s worth it leaving the house for a free Snickers.



New Snickers Barber Shop Will Ruin Your Hair for Free


For some reason, a Snickers barber shop has opened up in Tokyo, Japan.

They’re calling it the Snickers Hungry Barber and you can get a free hair cut, so long as you agree to choose from their eight terrifying styles.


According to RocketNews24, the free cut promo will go on throughout December and customers are expected to take a commemorative photo with their new, stylish cut, which will be posted on social media for the world to see and compliment.

If people actually comply with this sad PR stunt, it’s going to be hard to ever trust Snickers again. They were already on thin ice after eliminating the King Size Snickers.

The haircut victims don’t even get anything out of it. No free Snickers for life, or even a sneak peek at a new Snickers product. There’s no way they can be fooled into thinking this free haircut is worth the trouble.

If you want a bad haircut, just fork up the $5 at a local shop. At least you won’t look like a Hey Arnold! character.


11 Ways to Transform Your Leftover Halloween Candy Into Something Sweeter

halloween candy cake

Halloween is finally over and now we’re left with the age old question that hits us all on November 1: “what the hell am I going to do with all this leftover candy?”

Now, all this candy overstock could be because you just didn’t get that many trick-or-treaters, or maybe you decided to buy extra just in case (aka you wanted a stash for yourself), or you swiped some of your kid’s hard-earned sweets. Yes, parents, we’ve been onto your little game for years now. No matter the reason, you still have a grip of candy staring you in the face with nothing to do other than stuff your face with it, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not the most creative way to use all that sugary gold.

Your buddies here at Foodbeast want to help you out with this candy conundrum by presenting you with some ways to spruce up those sweets into something even better. P.S. We’re totally not responsible if you a) overdo it or b) get a cavity.


Halloween Candy Bark


Recipe: Just A Taste


Snickers Cupcakes


Recipe: Sugar Hero


Fried Candy Corn


Recipe: Oh, Bite It!


Leftover Halloween Candy Brownies

Halloween Chocolate Leftover Brownies

Recipe: Beki Cook’s Cake Blog


Halloween Candy Cheesecake

candy bar cheesecake

Recipe: Pineapple and Coconut


 Movie Theater Popcorn Cake


Recipe: Foodbeast


Halloween Candy Cookie Cake

halloween candy cake

Recipe: Baker By Nature


Peanut Butter Cup Fudge


Recipe: Sugar Hero


Heath Bar Cupcakes


Recipe: My Baking Addiction 


Twix Caramel Popcorn

twix-caramel-popcorn2Recipe: Two Peas and Their Pod


Milky Way Muddy Buddies


Recipe: Chef in Training 


Salted Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Snickers Bars


Recipe: Half Baked Harvest


Naked Snickers

naked snickers

PicThx: Imgur