Snickers Is Launching A BROWNIE Bar Next Year

Snickers have taken on a brand new form and it’s going to bring delight to many brownie lovers.

The candy brand has announced a brand new Peanut Brownie Squares bar that’s — you guessed — all brownie.

This new addition to the Snickers family features two squares, coated in the Snickers chocolate, and accented with a layer of caramel and a chewy peanut-brownie filling.

While this new treat won’t hit the snack aisle until early 2021, Snickers is letting fans get an early taste of the brownie bar by going to and signing up for the countdown.

Once the countdown clock runs out of time on July 16, there will be a thousand boxes free to claim while supplies last.

Sounds like a pretty sweet sneak peek, especially for those who can’t wait until 2021.

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Sam’s Club Is Now Selling Bags Of SNICKERS POPCORN

Images courtesy of Sam’s Club

We’ve been snacking a lot at home these days and one of the treats we miss most is gourmet popcorn. Just grabbing a handful of candy coated popcorn and popping each sweet and salty morsel into your mouth has us dreaming of simpler times. Well, thanks to a colloration between Snickers and Sam’s Club, we can dream a little less while staying home.

Candy Pop Popcorn just revealed a new Snickers flavor that can only be found at Sam’s Club.

Yes, if you’re thinking popcorn that’s fused together with Snickers chocolate candy, you’re absolutely right. Made with pieces of Snickers candy pieces, the popcorn is finished with a Snickers’ caramel drizzle and nuts. The next movie night will be seriously decadent.

You can find 20-oz bags at Sam’s Club locations nationwide. While you’re there, see if you can cop a few bags for us too, please. We’ll eagerly wait by our mailbox.

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Snickers’ White Chocolate Bar Is Becoming A Permanent Flavor

For decades we’ve fallen in love with the iconic Snickers Bar. Packed with milk chocolate, nougat, caramel and nuts, the candy bar checks off many textural sensations all while gently pacifying your throbbing sweet tooth. Now, a popular flavor is joining the fold, and it’s sticking around for good.

Snickers Brand just announced that the popular white chocolate version of the confection is hitting stores. So yes, Snickers White, is becoming a permanent flavor.

The snack is comprised with the standard Snickers elements (peanuts, nougat, caramel) but tags in the rich and creamy sweetness of white chocolate as a refreshing reprieve.

Originally a limited-time release, Snickers White has shown to become so popular that the brand decided to give it a permanent home.

Expect to find Snickers White sold nationwide in stores starting January 2020. Until then, just stuff your stockings with the classic stuff.


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Dairy Queen’s Snickers Blizzard Is Making a Comeback

It’s back by popular demand!

Dairy Queen already wowed us once this summer by releasing two (!) Reese’s Blizzards. Even though Dairy Queen’s menu right now is made for hot days, the chain has at least one more surprise. This August, Dairy Queen is bringing back the beloved Snickers Blizzard, and we can’t wait for the ice cream goodness.

Snickers Blizzard Is BACK!

Dairy Queen announced on Twitter that the Snickers Blizzard would return because customers kept asking about it. This popular Blizzard Treat dropped off the menu back in 2016, much to the disappointment of fans everywhere. But people sent so many messages to Dairy Queen—the Snickers Blizzard is the chain’s most-requested treat—that it was time for a triumphant return.

What’s not to adore about this Blizzard, honestly? It combines smooth vanilla soft serve with rich chocolate sauce and pieces of Snickers bars. The bit of crunch from the peanuts and gooey-ness of the caramel really make this Blizzard extra special. You get a variety of textures and sweet-and-salty flavors dancing around in every spoonful. Perfect for a hot August day!

See how much the original Blizzard cost in 1985.

What Else Is New at DQ?

Besides the return of the Snickers Blizzard, Dairy Queen is mixing up other fresh flavors. It seems that a Peanut Butter Pie Blizzard will also be joining the Snickers Blizzard as the August Treat of the Month.

 What exactly is a Peanut Butter Pie Blizzard? Well, it’s like a Snickers Blizzard… with an extra twist! The Peanut Butter Pie Blizzard starts with Dairy Queen’s classic vanilla soft serve. Just add some peanut butter, graham cracker and Snickers pieces to create this delicious treat.

We’ll be making two trips to Dairy Queen to try both Blizzards. Don’t have a DQ in your neighborhood? Don’t worry, you can whip up this frosty peanut butter pieto tide you over.

Article by Sophia La for Taste of Home. View the original article here.

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Get Ready, All Your Favorite Chocolate Might Soon Be More Eco-Friendly

If you’re wondering what the next big environmental kick in the food world might be, just look down at your candy bar.

We probably don’t think about what happens to our candy wrappers when we gobble up that chocolate and toss the plastic in the trash, but there are companies that have actually been thinking about it.

Over the years, gourmet chocolates have tried their hand at compostable chocolate wrappers, like in 2013, when Hnina produced its “guilt free” chocolate with biodegradable wrapping.

In 2015, Alter Eco chocolate really got the ball rolling, as it became known for producing an environmentally-friendly chocolate wrapper that “you can bury in your back yard.”

Since then, the build has slowed a bit, but Seattle Chocolate just jumped on the trend in a big way, launching compostable wrappers for its truffles, and a plan for a full switch by 2020. Their new truffle wrappers are made with cellulose, a naturally abundant organic material derived from eucalyptus trees that are sustainably harvested.

On a larger scale, big players such as Mars and Nestle have a goal of making all their candies with biodegradable packaging by 2025, according to the Huffington Post UK.

Mars in particular has made some pretty big leaps, teaming with Rodenburg Biopolymers in 2016 to create a Snickers concept wrapper made of potato starch waste, and being given top honors from the Global Bioplastics Awards.

The changes in our candies might not be immediate, but you will probably start seeing gradual changes turn into dramatic changes, as we saw when restaurants jumped on the plastic straw ban trend over the last year.

So don’t be surprised if within the next couple of years your Kit Kat and M&M’s packaging start feeling a little different than what you’re used to. The changes are coming, and like we saw with straws, they can come in a blink of an eye.

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Snickers Is Stuffing Their Newest Candy Bars With Almond And Peanut Butter

Snickers is a candy bar known for playing on a combination of textures and flavors with creamy nougat, crunchy nuts, and an assault of caramel and chocolate. However, they’re forgoing the textural contrast the nuts typically provide in their newest product, swapping them and the nougat out for a nut butter filling instead.

The new Creamy Snickers bars benefit from the addition of the nut butters, since they help to balance out the sweetness of the rest of the candy bar. Flavor wise, they’re not too different from the originals, but the texture is a lot smoother in comparison, making for a smoother candy bar.

There are three flavors of the creamy Snickers that were developed: Almond Butter, Maple Almond Butter, and Peanut Butter. Each of them adds a complexity in flavor to the candy. For example, the peanut butter flavor tastes almost like a Reese’s, but the nuttiness of the caramel makes it stand out.

These new bars will be available in stores nationwide starting in January 2019. It’ll be an interesting contrast to past iterations, since the missing crunch but added flavor balance transform the candy into something beyond the standard Snickers.

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McDonald’s Released A SNICKERS McFlurry In Pakistan

McDonald’s McFlurry is a fantastic blank slate to try out new flavors and expand the burger chain’s dessert choices. We’ve seen Japan release a Gudetama flavor recently that consisted of sponge cake, custard, and caramel, and even a Durian flavor in Singapore.

Well, an iconic candy bar will be getting its very own version of the McFlurry overseas.

Design Taxi reports that McDonald’s locations in Pakistan, Hungary, Malta, and Cyprus have introduced a limited-time Snickers version of the McFlurry.

Those expecting chunks of Snickers bars mixed into the ice cream will be disappointed, however, as the ingredients are more “inspired” by Snickers. The blend of vanilla soft-serve is combined with chocolate, roasted peanuts, and a swirl of caramel sauce.

Still, not complaining at all.

While the item has yet to make its debut in the U.S., here’s hoping it gains enough momentum overseas to be considered by the burger behemoth to introduce here.

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Guy Drives Over 100 Hours To Buy 1 Snickers From Every Walmart in North Carolina

If it feels like Walmart is everywhere, it’s because Walmart is everywhere. With over 5,000 stores countrywide, there’s no questioning its power over the U.S. market.

One thing we can question, though, is why this guy decided to drive through all of North Carolina to buy a Snickers bar at over 100 different Walmart stores.

Jimmy Donaldson, AKA Mr. Beast on YouTube, decided to embark on a journey that saw him take road trip to 117 Walmarts, with over 100 hours of driving, just so he can collect a Snickers bar from each. Well, he never actually says how many he went to, but according to Google Maps, there are 117 Walmarts in North Carolina.

Donaldson did face some challenges, mostly from managers not letting him film in the Walmarts, but he did it, and collected a hell of a lot of Snickers.

He also said it was a world record. It hasn’t been acknowledged by Guinness World Records yet, but we’ll wait and see.

Maybe next time he’ll be a big boy and do all 5,000 Walmarts across the country.